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Editor’s Note- NEW YORK: ALLIE’S WAR EARLY YEARS is the prequel for the gritty, urban fantasy series Allie’s War. 

Book Description: This is a prequel novella in the Allie’s War series, an alternate history romance featuring a gritty, unique and modern day Earth with star-crossed telekinetic lovers, Allie Taylor and Dehgoies Revik. In this version of modern Earth, a second race of psychic beings, called Seers, live side by side with humans. This story takes place a year or so before Revik pulls Allie out of San Francisco, and informs her that she’s a seer. She gets into a jam in New York while she’s there to see her boyfriend, Jaden’s, band play, and Revik has to come to her rescue, nearly getting both of them killed in the process.

Author’s Inspiration: This series has been hanging around me for years now. I started dreaming about one of the characters, Revik, when I was in my late teens and twenties, and it seemed like he just demanded that I write his story. Allie came out of that, being someone he needed in his life, both to push back and stand up to him, but also to accept him for who he was and love him in spite of all of his faults.

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JC Andrijeski writes new adult urban fantasy, dystopian, paranormal romance and crime fiction. Current works include the new adult urban fantasy series, Allie’s War, new adult dystopian series, Alien Apocalypse, and the Gate Shifter series, about a shape-shifting alien and a tough-girl PI from Seattle. She also has a new crime series in the works, with a quirky, brilliant and deeply dangerous hero named Quentin Black. 

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