Outview: Free Fantasy on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Apple

Editor’s Note: OUTVIEW is a coming of age thriller with mystics and magical powers. 

Book Description: It is said that Nate’s father died when he was twelve, but he knows the truth: their mother had him committed to a mental hospital. Nate is plagued by being called the Outviews and as they try to take over his mind, he wonders if he will be the next one to be committed. While searching for his lost brother, Nate meets mystics who show him his dormant powers and show him his purpose in life.

Nate discovers that everything he believed to be truth is false, and that the world contains secrets far more beautiful than he could ever have imagined, and evil far more terrifying than he could ever have feared…


Get this FREE fantasy on KINDLE, NOOK, KOBO, and APPLE on 5/17!

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