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Editor’s Note: CODENAME CHEROKEE is an excerpt from the bestselling memoir The Atomic Times, nominated for a Pulitzer Prize by the hardcover publisher, Random House.

Book Description: The Atomic Times is based on my experiences as an army draftee in the South Pacific in 1956, one of 1603 men used as human guinea pigs during America’s biggest and deadliest nuclear weapons test series ever. Three-eyed fish swimming in the clear waters of the lagoon.  Men whose toenails glow in the dark.  Operation Redwing mixed saber rattling with mad science, while overlooking the cataclysmic human, geopolitical and ecological effects. 

Author’s Inspiration: I knew during the tests that my H-bomb year would make a fascinating book, but everything I saw was Top Secret. My solution was to write a novel, which wasn’t what I wanted. Five decades later most of the government documents were declassified, and I finally started a memoir. But it was too painful to relive that year until I discovered the solution: I learned how to remember with a sense of humor.

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I was a public relations executive at CBS for many years, eleven of them on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” In addition to welcoming the Beatles at the airport on their first trip to the United States, I am the author of ALWAYS ON SUNDAY: An Inside View of Ed Sullivan, the Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra & Ed’s Other Guests, the bestselling biography of Ed Sullivan. I am married to New York Times bestselling novelist, Ruth Harris, and together we’ve co-authored two bestselling thrillers, HOOKED and BRAINWASHED.

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