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Editor’s Note: PANIC is an action packed horror read that puts a fresh spin on zombies.

Wonderfully written, engrossing, and thoughtfully planned out. 

Book Description: Panic is about a conspiracy to unleash a virus that will drastically reduce the population of the planet, and tells the story of the outbreak as it happens in an isolated small town in the UK. The action follows a handful of characters as they begin to understand what is unfolding around them, along with one character who knew it was coming all along…

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I’m an ex-journalist and editor, and a lifelong fan of horror. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been focused on writing fiction, and the dream finally became a reality last year when I began my series Wildfire Chronicles with ‘Panic’. I write fast paced horror with a real focus on action. The idea is to pour the movie in my head out onto the page for the reader, and I think the result is fairly cinematic, and hopefully thrilling to read.

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