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Editor’s Note: HER TROIKA is a steamy erotic romance featuring two strict Doms, one brave sub, and a slave auction…


Book Description: Breanna has had a deep-seated submissive fantasy for much of her life- but in this moment, she begins to wonder if maybe she should have left this fantasy in the realm of her imagination. The dangerous reality of the situation becomes evident, and even her adventurous soul wonders if it’s become too terrifyingly intense. She stands on the dock, chained and bound, staring into a sea of lusty gazes, with only her husband and his intriguing friend able to save her. They’ll have to buy her- otherwise she’ll become a sex slave to the anonymous, cruel Master. 

Author’s Inspiration: I wanted to try to write a book that could be thought of as a sort of “intro” to pony play, yet still be very much an erotic romance. I didn’t want to get too fetish-y, but I wanted to try to give the adventurous reader a chance to experience something that on the surface many might think is too dark or extreme. 

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I’m a bit of an anomaly in my genre/sub-genre. I’m a guy, who writes under a male name, writing in a genre that’s overwhelmingly dominated by women. I’ve resisted getting a female pen name because I want readers to know that this really is a male writing this, and yes, men really can write erotic romance that readers will love. I try to bring a slightly different perspective and feel to the genres I write; I think I can bring a sense of authenticity, a raw and honest take that (I hope) readers will find refreshing and exciting. My stories have heart and emotion, with characters who struggle with doubts, fears, and the scars of their past experiences. Yes, I try to bring the kink and the sex, but at the core of my books is love.

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