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Editor’s Note: NINE30 is a steamy paranormal adventure in a new age fantasy setting. 

Book Description: A healer who moonlights as a club dancer gets into all kinds of trouble with the local underworld. But she’s on a secret mission, and after saving their collective butts she joins up with superstar DJ, Maximillian, and his crew as their personal healer. It’s one step closer to her ultimate goal- that is, if she can avoid letting the sexy DJ derail her.

Author’s Inspiration: It was a combination of my love of strong, independent female heroines like Anita Blake, the rise of the EDM music scene, and my studies in subtle body theory as a therapeutic yoga practitioner. One day, my husband showed me a Youtube video of Skrillex and I fell in love with the music. I went in search of the artist and found an entire genre of producers and DJs. Their music quite literally gets inside you and it started me thinking about how all things, on a sub-atomic level are ultimately vibrations. We ARE music, at our essence. And I had this character, Fiamette, from my Love and Light series who had grown and taken on a life of her own. She needed her own story, and thus, the Little Flame series was born.

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Every time I’m asked to write my bio, I cringe. What am I supposed to say? I love to write? I live to write? Almost there. I write to stay sane. Without writing, my brain is like a squirrel in a cage. It’s frantically running in circles, gnawing at bars, whirling around for a way to escape. I want readers to be thoroughly entertained and enthralled when they read my stories. I like mixing up magic and passing it on. I love spreading happiness and while I rarely get to see the smiles my stories inspire, I imagine them. And that’s why I became an author. Stories that dig deep and crack me open, adventures that make my heart race: that’s what makes me tick. And if you enjoy that sort of thing, it’s also why you should read my books.

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