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Editor’s Note: THE FLIRTING GAMES is an unexpected young adult romantic comedy where Ellie and Nate both fight and flirt. 

This story was a short, cute tale of high school and flirting and love.

Book Description: Ellie Parkhurst wants to protect her sweet cousin from bad boy Nate Naverly, so she tries to get Nate to switch his attention to her instead. She doesn’t consider that she might end up falling for him herself, and that skilled as she is at game playing, he just might be even better. Set in an English boarding school, Ellie and Nate fight and flirt, each trying to capture the attention of the other, while keeping their own heart safe. 

Author’s Inspiration: I love reading other young adult romance, but I found that they were either too young or too mature. There’s a in-between age that I found was very under-represented, the age when you are interested in boys and kissing but perhaps not sex and swearing.

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Stella Wilkinson is an old lady who sits around in her wedding dress in a big gothic house… no wait, that’s a different book. Stella Wilkinson lives in Hobbiton on the banks of the Brandywine River in Middle Earth… no, that’s not it either. Okay, I’m very dull, I live in Wales, UK, and I spend most of my free time reading in the bath tub. I like to laugh, so I like books that are funny. I enjoy romance, and my favorite part is that bit at the beginning of the relationship when it’s all so fresh and intense and exciting.

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