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Editor’s Note: In STORM INSIDE life tore them apart, but love will bring them back together.

Book Description: Falling in love with Jake was the easiest thing Eve ever did, but being “in love” with him was also the hardest. Jake left Eve behind while he got his act together and now he’s returned happy, successful, and determined to win her back. But she’s also older, more cautious, and aware that passion and chemistry aren’t enough to build a life together—no matter how hot this new, confident, sexy Jake may be.

Author’s Inspiration: I was inspired to write the characters of Jake and Eve after watching (and personally experiencing) so many people in my life working to overcome childhood demons while struggling to keep those demons from hurting the people they love. Jake and Eve are my best-case scenario. He refused to let Eve be pulled into his downward spiral. He left to save her, but broke her heart in doing so. The story picks up ten years later when he returns to make amends, win back the love of his life, and grab the future he now realizes he deserves. It is my love letter to everyone struggling–that determination, faith, and love really can heal the past enough to make way for a new future.


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Alexis Anne is obsessed with whiskey, coffee, books, and the beach, which is why you’ll usually find all of these in her books. She believes love is messy, sexy, and the greatest power on earth. Her stories feature passionate characters driven to succeed, but also forced to face their personal demons, usually with the help of someone they suddenly can’t live without. Author of Tease, The Storm Inside series, & Filters.

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