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Editor’s Note: FLY YOU TO THE MOON is a futuristic love story with space travel, sweet romance, and sizzling love scenes

Book Description: After her father’s death, Ava Windsor is forced to move to a Lunar colony to live with her dad’s distant relation. Nicolas Carter is a stranger to her and she is beyond angry that he is in charge of her inheritance until she turns twenty-one, ten months from now. Ava runs into even more trouble than she expected when it turns out Nicolas is a lot younger than her father – and much too attractive to ignore.

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Jocelyn Han

Jocelyn Han is a romantic at heart and a geek by nature. When she was a teenager, she used to write love stories set in the Star Trek universe before fan fiction and shippers became a ‘thing’. Nowadays, she invents her own futuristic universe and populates it with passionate characters looking for love. She believes in true love and doesn’t just write erotic romance for the steamy scenes but most of all for the heart-felt passion and romance between two people.

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