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Editor’s Note: The DaVinci Code meets The Lord of the Rings in KING’S X: VISIONS.

It is really like a modern, real-world twist on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. It takes the previous ages of the earth notion… cuts away all the fantasy stuff and very convincingly brings the ring into our world.


Book Description: A tough L.A. cop is the only hope for a teen runaway with a strange tale to tell… Long ago she stole the King’s X from its makers. It holds a great secret and has cursed her with the truth – we have all lived many times before. The fact that no one but her remembers their past lives is not natural – it is a conspiracy. From lifetime to lifetime she flees her ancient enemy. At 16 she begins to remember… the King’s X is hidden somewhere in Los Angeles, right where she left it, long before she was even born. The chase is on… again. 

A supernatural thriller with the historical fascination of The DaVinci Code and the complex plotting and characters of Game of Thrones. The modern story is balanced with a swashbuckling adventure set in the crusades, featuring Templars, pirates, and a beautiful slave girl.

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I’m pretty sure that we are all great spirits locked for a time in bodies of flesh and blood. To me, that is fantastic enough to explore for a lifetime. I write to bring epic myth and Sci-Fi/Fantasy sensibilities to “real-world” stories, because our world is plenty epic and utterly fantastical if you lift the cover and look a little deeper.

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