Claimed by the Elven King: Free Fantasy Romance on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Apple

Editor’s Note: CLAIMED BY THE ELVEN KING is a steamy romance of a human woman spirited away to become the new wife of an elven king.

Book Description: This is Part One of a four-part serialized novel. It chronicles the initial meeting of a beautiful, sexy elven king and Emily, the young, human woman caught up in his world of sex and intrigues after being spirited away in the dead of night to become his new wife for the purpose of bearing his heirs. But can a human ever really win the heart of an elf or have a place within the elven court?


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 An bestselling author, I love steamy romances and anything fantasy, so I figured, why not incorporate both equally in one story? Claimed by the Elven King is the first of many novels I hope to write in the erotic fantasy romance genre as long as my cat, Max, stops attacking my keyboard long enough for me to actually get any work done. Feedback is always welcome, so stop by my blog to chat or for updates on future titles!

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