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Editor’s Note: In TAKEN!, a married couple tracks down serial killers for the FBI.

Book Description: Dr. Jessica White and her husband work as criminal profilers, and offer advice to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. 

They are exceptional at tracking down serials killers because they have an edge.

Dr. White’s husband has serial killer tendencies that he has manged to overcome, but these same tendencies give them an edge when it comes to tracking down murderers.

Author’s Inspiration: My inspiration actually came from the photo on the book’s cover, it just screamed serial killer to me, and I knew I had to write a story that matched it.

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I started writing back in 1988, but only really became serious about it in 2011. In the years in between, I worked as a real estate salesman, sold life insurance, worked in retail management, and drove a truck. Truck driving actually paid better than the other jobs, and also allowed me time to think about what to write. 

These days, all I do is write, and it’s the best job I’ve ever had.

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