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Editor’s Note: ACT OF DEFIANCE is a dystopian tale that takes a new look at the ‘End of Days’.

Book Description: Defiance Gray knows what it’s like to be afraid. She’s lived with the emotion her whole life. Unsurprising really. Ever since Demons overran the earth, the High Church has become mankind’s final sanctuary. To trust in the church is to survive. When Defiance stumbles across a Demon and accidentally binds herself to him, she finds her faith beginning to waiver. Uriel represents everything the church has taught her to fear, but she can’t help but be drawn to him. Soon, she’ll need to choose between the familiar and the fear of the unknown. One will bring salvation. The other Hell on earth. For Defiance, both are one and the same.

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Adrianne Brooks is a liar. She’s so good at lying, that she decided to make a living out of it and become a writer. When she isn’t writing she’s watching Asian soap operas, reading, or doing spray-paint art. Her hobbies are napping and lusting after married celebrities. She happens to be really good at both. Currently she writes paranormal and fantasy novels that are out of the ordinary and hopes to one day make enough to eat on a regular basis. She appreciates your contribution towards this goal 

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