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Editor’s Note: In WINGS OF SHADOW, a secret society underneath London leads to romance, fantasy, and danger.

Book Description: Meghan is eighteen, newly graduated, and has no idea what to do with her life. She travels to London, where she meets the sexy and mysterious Kiernan. One date with him sends Meghan’s life on an entirely new path, filled with romance, danger, and a world she never dreamed existed.

Author’s Inspiration: Years ago, I traveled to England and was enchanted by the villages in the Cotswolds. The quaint stone cottages made me feel like I was stepping back in time. I knew I needed to write a book that took place in that setting. Later in my trip, I visited London. The endless kilometers of Underground tunnels (London’s subway system) intrigued me. Anything could be happening underneath the city. The beginnings of The Underground Trilogy were born. My story begins far beneath London, with a hidden society who dwell within abandoned Tube tunnels.

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Anna Kyss lives in the beautiful, but far too rainy, Pacific Northwest. To avoid the rain, she spends hours writing young adult and new adult books. Anna’s work includes young adult urban fantasies, with a heavy dose of paranormal romance; young adult dystopias; and new adult contemporary romances. Anna’s other love besides writing is traveling. She tries to always spend time in each location she writes about. Visit the hidden areas of London and the Costa Rican rainforest in The Underground Trilogy; a dystopian version of Hawaii in Cerulean; and imagine an Australian romance with Wander & Roam.

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