Bastial Energy (The Rhythm of Rivalry: Book 1) – Free eBook for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Apple

Editor’s Note: In BASTIAL ENERGY, students going to school for magic are thrust into war.

Book Description: Some humans find that by drawing on the Earth’s energy, they are able to develop extraordinary abilities. When these exceptional people turn seventeen years old, they are invited to train and develop their skills at the Academy in magic, chemistry, physics, and combat. An old rule exists that these students must fight alongside the king if ordered to- although it hasn’t been enacted in almost seventy years. While most don’t seem concerned with this threat, they may just need to be…

Author’s Inspiration: In every society, there is a definition of an adult, and it’s usually defined by age and sometimes a rite of passage. But there’s a major difference between being identified as an adult and coming to terms with adulthood. This is the major theme throughout Bastial Energy—characters must discover what being an adult means to them as they are unexpectedly thrust into fighting in a war.

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