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Editor’s Note: HARBINGER OF DOOM is an epic fantasy bundle featuring complex characters and plenty of action that will keep you flipping the pages! 

For a long time I have searched for a fantasy worthy of Lord of The Rings and I have found it!

Book Description: A gateway to hell has been opened by mad wizards- and it’s intended to remain that way. Claradon Eotrus is a young knight who has recruited a man to help him close the gate, a man who is either the greatest hero known to the world or the devil himself. Claradon can’t figure out if he is here to save Midgaard or intends to destroy it. Does this man serve the Norse gods, or did he slay them all? And how is Claradon to stop him (or survive him) if he is indeed the harbinger of doom? 

Author’s Inspiration: In life, most villains think they’re the good guys. They don’t see the evil that they do. They only know that their ends justify their means. But in fantasy stories, all too often, the bad guys wear the black hats, the good guys, the white. The grey, though, that’s where the fun is. That’s where the real characters live; not the cartoon cutouts. They’re the ones that you’ll never forget. Providing that to my readers, coupled with action scenes that are tactically sound and believable (at least within the context of a fantasy world!), is what I offer in the Harbinger of Doom series.

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I’ve done lots of things. I’ve gotten degrees and taken advanced courses in various fields: physics, engineering, religious studies, history. I’ve taught college courses, been a physicist, a licensed professional engineer, and I’ve investigated some of the most complex and high profile engineering disasters of the last twenty years. All my life, for fun, I’ve written fantasy stories, and I’ll probably keep writing them for as long as I’m around.

Author Website: www.glenngthater.com

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