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Editor’s Note: In DIVINER’S PROPHECY, Maea must unlock her forgotten past in order to  save the future. 

This story is packed with royal court drama, intrigue, mystery, and enough magic to keep the reader turning the page.

Book Description: Maea’s gift is to see into the future and yet her past has been stolen from her. Entangled by a spell that wiped away her past, Maea has to unravel her own prophecy in time to save her kingdom from destruction.

Readers who love Juliette Marrillier or the Game of Thrones will love Diviner’s Prophecy. 

Author’s Inspiration: When I set out to write Diviner’s Prophecy, I was looking to write about a character which despite adversity, fought for what she believed in. I was enamored with the idea of someone who could see into the future and I wondered what it would be like to be able to foresee the future but not know anything about your own past.

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The first thing I like to tell people is I’m a mother. My children are my proudest accomplishments. I have an amazing supportive husband and I live in a place most people envy –San Diego California. I devour books and I have found as I get older, I read just about everything and everywhere. The invent of ebooks has changed my life. In many ways both as a reader and a writer. Since I was little, I’ve been playing out mini sagas either alone with my dolls or creating plays for the kids at my day care growing up. I have always been overflowing with stories and I think that naturally led me to becoming an author.


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