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Editor’s Note: The Charmer is a sweeping historical romance with mystery, danger, and wit.

Book Description: Orlando Holt has never assassinated a woman before. Lady Lynden will be his first. But how can he kill such a lovely, courageous woman?

Twice widowed by the age of twenty-four, Susanna Lynden has had enough of charming men. They’ve always brought about her downfall. So why is she so attracted to Orlando, the most charming man of all?

Author’s Inspiration:  I wanted to write a romance featuring a charming rogue, and needed to pair him with a feisty heroine who matched him in every way. I wanted them both surrounded by their community, the people who love them and care about them, and I wanted to layer the history of the era through the pages. My historical romances aren’t your usual fair. They’re gritty at times, funny on occasion, and difficult to pigeon hole.

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 I love history. It doesn’t matter which era, I love it all. It wasn’t until I began writing historical novels that my voice finally began to show through in my stories. I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, but only published for about 3 and a half years. I like to include swashbuckling heroes (not always pirates) with a soft side that may not always be obvious to the heroine at the start, but they certainly discover it by the end! My heroines are a little bit like me – stubborn, tenacious, loyal. They don’t let life get them down, rarely rely on others, and get the job done.

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