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Editor’s Note:  MOON STRUCK is a hilarious paranormal romance that will keep you reading until the very end!

Book Description: When Jen falls in love with her boss, she doesn’t think she has a chance. After all, he’s a werewolf and handsome. She, well, she’s cute enough, but she’s also a weremouse. When her best friend, Ali, finds an amulet with magical powers, Jen tries it on and wishes to be a werewolf. Her wish comes true and with it, trouble. A hilarious romp and sweet romance.

Author’s Inspiration:  I wanted to write an over-the-top, fun story about someone who doesn’t quite fit in.

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I love writing about the underdog, the person who doesn’t fit in for some reason or stands on the fringe of society. Emotion is important in my novels. I want readers to come away laughing or crying. Moon Struck is about the joys of being different, the fun of getting to do something that others can’t. Dark Visions – First Love and Lost Love are at the other end of the spectrum and deal with loss and the hardship of being on the outside. 

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