Editor’s Note: HUNTING MIA JORDAN is a fast paced story that’s both sexy and full of suspense.

Book Description: After four years of running from the man who terrorized her and her family, it seemed like Mia Jordan’s life was finally becoming normal. She had a steady job, a nice apartment, and a fun best friend. Then Zade Shaw walked into her life, sweeping her off her feet and making her believe she could love and trust again. 

But Zade isn’t who she thinks he is, and her past is connected to him in more ways than either of them can comprehend. When dangerous and powerful Marco enters the picture, hunting for them both, Zade and Mia are forced to confront their shaded pasts, and to rely on their love to keep them both alive.

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Phoebe T. Green

Phoebe grew up a shy child in a small California coastal town, where she preferred hiding in her room with good book over playing outside in the sunshine. In this lifetime, she has been: a jazz singer, a ballroom dancer, a blackjack dealer, a bartender, a make-up artist, a marathon runner, a financial consultant, a translator, a video editor, and a writer. She currently splits her time between the United States and Europe, always traveling with her four-legged partner in crime, Shakti.

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