Strange Apparitions and Demon Takeovers: Free Young Adult eBooks

Timothy Williams Demon Hunter on Kindle

Timothy Williams Demon Hunter by Iestyn Long: When Timothy’s school becomes the subject of a demon takeover, he is forced into a battle for survival, not only in the real world but in his dreams where he must fight his nemesis to prevent the apocalypse. Hell on Earth? Not if Timothy can help it. Advisory note: this book contains battle gore, occasional blasphemous language, and naked zombies.

This book is Free on September 13, 2019

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Just An Ordinary Girl on Kindle

Just An Ordinary Girl by Shannon Heuston: Raised on a ranch after the apocalypse, Leah was taught she was someone special. Then one day a strange apparition appears in the sky, calling into question everything she believes. Will she find the courage to confront the truth and claim the life she deserves?

This book is Free on September 13, 2019


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