Big Trouble and Hotshot Duelists: Free Young Adult eBooks

Lost Whisperer of the Seas on Kindle

Lost Whisperer of the Seas by Laurel Wanrow: A hotshot duelist and a wanna-be sailor become entangled in a search for lost dolphins, magical dueling, a sailing race… and the unsteady waters of love. *Finalist in the National Readers’ Book Choice Awards!*

This book is Free on July 25, 2020

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Genus6 (Trojan Gene Book 0) on Kindle

Genus6 (Trojan Gene Book 0) by Meg Buchanan: Ela’s father recorded a message for her before he died, and one message can change your life… Ela is part of the Elite and lives in the City. The life she leads is privileged, but it’s also boring and filled with rules. One night when she’s out with her friends, they break all the rules and find themselves in big trouble.

This book is Free on July 25, 2020


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