Missing Brothers and Spiritual Development: Free Religion eBooks

Nephilim Island (Progeny Book 1) on Kindle

Nephilim Island (Progeny Book 1) by Shawn Hopkins: An evil from the very beginning is still here. John Carter’s search for his missing brother takes him down the rabbit hole and into an Old Testament world of angels, demons, and giants. Can he find his way back and warn the world what is coming? Described by readers as, “Dan Brown meets LOST meets Left Behind!”

This book is Free on July 19, 2022

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Norse Paganism for Beginners (3-in-1) on Kindle

Norse Paganism for Beginners (3-in-1) by Adelgard Bruwer: The religion of Ásatrú is a spiritual path formed by the ancient Vikings to honor the Norse gods and ask for their blessing and companionship. The Ásatrú faith gives its practitioners a wide margin when it comes to observing the faith. As you are solely responsible for your own spiritual development, figuring out how to begin your journey can be challenging.

This book is Free on July 19, 2022


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