Email Text for Close Friends and Family

For Close Friends and Family

Copy and paste the email below into your email program of choice. If you use Outlook, Mac mail or a similar email program simply click this Automatic Email Link to put this text in an email for you.

Hello friends & family, 

As many of you know I have authored a book that is now available on Amazon. Today I am running a promotion to get the word out about my book and I need your help! My book will be free for Kindle today only and it is going to be featured on Freebooksy, a blog that reaches over 100,000 Kindle readers! The more downloads I get, the better my Amazon rankings will be. I would really appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes out of your day today and help me by: 

1) Going to [insert Amazon book URL] and downloading a copy of the book (it’s free so this will not cost you anything). You can download a free copy even if you don’t own a Kindle, simply choose “Deliver to Cloud Reader”. 

2) Following Freebooksy on Facebook ( and Liking and Sharing the post that features my book.

3) Forwarding this email to your friends. 

Thanks again for your help, 

[Your Name]