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Cozy Mystery

Sweet Revenge (Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries Book 1) on Kindle

Sweet Revenge (Cocoa Narel Chocolate Shop Mysteries Book 1) by Morgana Best: What would you do if you were medically unable to gain weight? Eat chocolate and solve murders, of course… When a car accident leads to extensive plastic surgery and an inability to gain weight, Cocoa Narel finds herself transformed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

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Organized for Picnic Panic (Organized Mysteries Book 6) on Kindle

Organized for Picnic Panic (Organized Mysteries Book 6) by Ritter Ames: A town-wide picnic is all fun, food, & games — until Kate stumbles on another body… Organized for Picnic Panic is an end-of-summer holiday novelette in the popular Organized Mysteries series from a USA TODAY bestselling author. The series features a small-town New England setting and interesting characters, along with humor, and strong family and friendship ties.

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Trial by Sabotage (Hartman and Malone Mysteries Book 1) on Kindle

Trial by Sabotage (Hartman and Malone Mysteries Book 1) by Paige H. Perry: Two sisters, one messy court case, and two handsome sidekicks add up to one helluva ride! A high-speed pursuit was the last thing Anna expected when she set out on a road trip to the spa with her sister. But, when you learn your sister is the main focus of an FBI investigation, plans tend to change.

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Nick Spool: Galactic Private Eye on Kindle

Nick Spool: Galactic Private Eye by Clark Graham: Nick Spool: Galactic Private Eye is a collection of short stories about private investigators, hiding secrets, guarding portals to other dimensions, and more. “I enjoyed the short stories in this book, though the one with Nick Spool was the best, in my opinion. Short and to the point. What a rush!” -5 Star Amazon Review

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The Second Bat Guano War on Kindle

The Second Bat Guano War by J.M. Porup: From former Lonely Planet author J.M. Porup comes this gritty South American noir… Rats ate his baby daughter while he partied in a disco. Now Horace “Horse” Mann is a drugged-out expat teaching English to criminals in Lima, Peru. Oh, and doing the odd favor for the CIA.

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Steamy Contemporary Romance

Unridden (Studs in Spurs) on Kindle

Unridden (Studs in Spurs) by Cat Johnson: When two country boys meet a city girl, everyone is in for a wild ride… Slade and Mustang are living the high life on the professional bull-riding circuit. The prize money is big, the bulls are rank and the women are willing. But something is missing.

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Bound to Submit (Blasphemy) on Kindle

Bound to Submit (Blasphemy) by Laura Kaye: Kenna Sloane lost her career and her arm in the Marines, and now she feels like she’s losing herself. Submission is the only thing that ever freed her from pain and made her feel secure, and Kenna needs to serve again. Bad. The only problem is the Dom she wants once refused her submission and broke her heart, but she’s not looking for love this time.

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Sweet Contemporary Romance

Heart of the Journey on Kindle

Heart of the Journey by Kay Wolfe: Chase Hunter embodies the American dream. Growing up on a ranch nestled in the foothills of Wyoming, he has it all. But when creditors come for the ranch and his entire world is shattered, Chase must leave it all to find new meaning in his life. His search will take him to the Special Forces, to the hell-fires of Afghanistan, and into the arms of the lovely Tess.

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Romantic Suspense

Commanding Sia (NCIS Series Book 1) on Kindle

Commanding Sia (NCIS Series Book 1) by Zoe Dawson: When Lieutenant Ambrosia “Sia” Soto returns from an investigation into a “pilot error” case aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. James McCloud, she comes face to face with NCIS Special Agent and former lover, Christophe Vargas, the man who was involved in an F-18 Fighter Jet accident that took her brother’s life six years ago.

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Paranormal Romance

Bitten (Once Bitten, Twice Shy Book 1) on Kindle

Bitten (Once Bitten, Twice Shy Book 1) by Noelle Marie: Bastian had to have been the most handsome man that Katherine had ever met. It really was unfortunate that he was also the most stubborn, controlling, downright infuriating jackass she’d ever known as well. Oh, and there was the fact that he was a werewolf – a werewolf who has bitten her.

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Rotten Magic (The Artifice Mage Saga Book 1) on Kindle

Rotten Magic (The Artifice Mage Saga Book 1) by Jeffrey Bardwell: Destiny in one hand. Doom in the other. Which will destroy him first? Artificers are the gilded princes of the Iron Empire. Mages are violent criminal outcasts. Devin competes to become the best artificer in the empire . . . but he’s secretly a mage.

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Monster Hunt NYC (Monster Hunt NYC Book 1) on Kindle

Monster Hunt NYC (Monster Hunt NYC Book 1) by Harmon Cooper: Monsters have invaded New York City! Well, at least for those who have the illegal Monster Hunter app, like musician Chase Knowles. Through the app, Chase becomes the Alpha to two powerful Huntresses: a sexy half-dragon whose combat prowess is matched only by her mouth, and a dangerously beautiful warrior with two killer blades and an insatiable appetite for… reading.

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Science Fiction

Future City Blues on Kindle

Future City Blues by Simon Kewin, Milo James Fowler, & Neil Vogler: A tech noir collection, containing the stories The Wrong Tom Jacks by Simon Kewin, Tripler: The Beginning by Neil Vogler and Doppelgänger’s Curse by Milo James Fowler. “A trio of tech noir stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat. All extremely well written with great characterization and vivid settings.” -5 Star Amazon Review

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Historical Fiction

Sideshow on Kindle

Sideshow by Brian Kindall: The brothel calls, and Velva Velvetonia, the one-legged trollop, awaits. But who can resist the chance to see Poppy the Pinheaded Poet from the Moon? Not Didier Rain, rogue hero and versifier himself, who takes the bait and pays his dollar. And yet, witnessing the mistreatment of a fellow bard is too much for Didier, and a daring rescue plan is hatched.

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Black Literature

The Come Up (My Besties Book 1) on Kindle

The Come Up (My Besties Book 1) by Asia Hill: Born and raised on the violent streets of Chicago, Ja`ziya and her three besties, Tiki, ReRe, and Dirty E are all determined to do three things; finish school, get money, and live comfortably. Ja`ziya and her crew aren’t your average hood rats that wanna date and marry a D-Boy.

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All Hallows' Eve on Kindle

All Hallows’ Eve by Hal L. O’ween: “All Hallows’ Eve” – hear the whispering voices … began as a Halloween flash fiction writing contest on Facebook, sponsored by Sharon Van Orman. Writer ‘friends’ joined in and produced the harrowing, spine-chilling short stories found in this collection. “Hal L. O’ween” is the pen-name of a group of writers from around the world that have joined together to ‘scare your pants off!’

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A Dog of My Own on Kindle

A Dog of My Own by Richard Clark: 11-year-old Jonas Ridley loves dogs. Unfortunately, his mother won’t let him have one of his own. But one Christmas, Jonas gets the chance to RENT a dog, and not just any dog but Rascal, the famous four-legged star of Jonas’s favorite movie, Canine Commando!

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Young Adult

The Art of Taking Chances on Kindle

The Art of Taking Chances by Kelsie Stelting & more: From first kisses to second chances and celebrity encounters, this collection of young adult contemporary romance short stories has it all. These delightful, swoon-worthy stories will have you ready to take an adventure of your own. Take a chance and download the collection free today.

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London (Shadowseer Book One) on Kindle

London (Shadowseer Book One) by Morgan Rice: Dark fantasy meets mystery as a brutal murder in an insane asylum in Victorian London turns out to be more than what it seems. A brilliant detective must partner with the mysterious 17-year-old orphan girl Kaia to unearth the inexplicable, and to discover who she really is — and whether she has secret powers after all.

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Literary Fiction

Watching the Grass Grow on Kindle

Watching the Grass Grow by Diane Michaels: They say you shouldn’t make eye contact with a stranger on the subway in New York City. It may not be an actual violation of the subway system code of conduct, but still. Lisa and Geoff, two strangers smushed together on a crowded E train, break that code when their train unexpectedly stops.

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Cookbooks & Nutrition

How To Bake: The Basics of Butter Cakes on Kindle

How To Bake: The Basics of Butter Cakes by Jennifer Rao: Have you ever wondered why you need to have your butter “softened” or your ingredients at “room temperature” when mixing up a cake recipe? In How to Bake: The Basics of Butter Cakes you will learn the answers to these and many other baking questions.

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General Non-Fiction

A to Z Gardening for Beginners on Kindle

A to Z Gardening for Beginners by Lisa Bond: Gardening might seem like an easy thing to do. Buy a plant, dig a hole in the ground, drop the plant in it, and cover it up waiting for blooms to suddenly appear. If only it were that simple. The overall idea of gardening is basic, but gardening is very intricate.

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The Morning After on Kindle

The Morning After by Jae: After a friend sets her up on a blind date from hell, Amanda has enough of dating. A spur-of-the-moment decision to attend an Anti-Valentine’s Day party leads to an unexpected encounter. She wakes up to a hangover and a surprising complication…

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