How To Make Sure You Get Free eBooks

Sometimes we have users who say that they aren’t getting our emails – a lot of times this happens when Google’s Gmail hides the email in the ‘Promotions’ tab.

Don’t worry! We’ve got some easy to follow instructions below that will show you how to make sure you get free ebooks in you inbox each day.

This will take you about a minute and a half.

1. Find a Freebooksy email in your Promotions tab.

If you use a mail client (like mac mail or Outlook) login directly to the gmail website for this.

Click on the promotions tab, and scroll until you find a freebooky email. If you can’t find one by scrolling try typing “Your eBook Freebies” in gmail’s search box (show me).

This is what your promotions tab looks like:


2. Drag that email to your ‘Primary’ tab

Click on the email and drag it to your primary tab.

3. Tell gmail to do this always from now on

Gmail will ask you if you want to do this for future messages – just say YES! It feels good to say yes, doesn’t it?

You’re done!

You should get your daily free ebooks email now, if you continue to have problems, make sure to email our customer service team at

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