One Minute Super Dad : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: We loved these tips and tricks to help with those pesky chores that need to be done when taking care of your kids. With many of us – not just dads – short on time, these tips come in handy! 

This is a fabulous ‘at your finger-tips’ book and should be on all coffee tables for quick easy access.

Book Description: The book is for busy fathers who can use one minute methods described in the book to massively influence and inspire their kids and future proof them from many ills like addictions, depressions, being bullied, etc in the future. The book is written by a medical doctor after 5 years of work and has contributions from authors of 3 biggest Best Sellers of all times- Chicken Soup books, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Readers who like Chicken Soup for Parents Soul and Rich Dad Poor Dad will enjoy ONE MINUTE SUPER DAD!

Author’s Inspiration: I am a very busy surgeon and at one point, my the, three year old daughter totally disconnected with me. She was also not performing very well in various things and then had a medical issue. I had to find a solution with the limited time I had. I felt like a total faliure to have achieved anything at the cost of my child’s development.

From the Book: Our kids are greatly affected by the way we treat them. Rosenthal experiment:

Several years ago, there was a man who wanted to prove the effects of seeing with our brains. He told a teacher he had a new way of testing children to see if they “had it.” After his testing, he presented his findings, telling the teacher which students had scored the highest for “having it,” for displaying the traits associated with leadership and success, and the ones that scored low.

At the end of the school year, he returned to collect the teacher’s data on the students. He discovered that every student he had targeted as a “star student” got the highest test scores and were leaders in the class. He also noted the students who he said “did not have it” all received mediocre test scores and grades.

The experiment did not test the children at all. It was just for show and the selection process was random. It was the teacher who was being tested. Because the teacher believed the selected students were the leaders, they actually became leaders. The ones branded mediocre became just that. 


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Prashant Jindal, M.D. 


The author is a leading surgeon in UK and has treated numerous celebrities and peak performance athletes including many Olympic champions. He admits that he learnt nothing about fathering in all those years of medical study. After a shock from an incident with his daughter 5 years ago, he went on a mission to find the best of the best techniques that have proven to work with kids. Many celebrities, top doctors and psychologists who shared his passion generously contributed to the book. 

The author has been supporting an orphanage for the last 2 years and his mission is to immensely grow it.

Favorite food- Vegetarian, mushrooms, salads

Favorite Place to write- Beach, Hills, parks (dictate a lot when on walks on my voice recorder)

Favorite Music: Enigma, Kenny G, Classical, Celine Dion

Connect with Prashant:

The Gemini Factor : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: We were on the edge of our chairs when we read this fast-paced murder mystery novel. This thought provoking book has many twists and turns that will have you hooked! 

I could not put this book down as the action and surprises just never stopped.

Book Description: THE GEMINI FACTOR explores inexplicable coincidences that link the lives of two detectives who are investigating identical serial murders committed at the same time in two different countries. Will these detectives be able to put two and two together and find twins? 

Fans of Michael Palmer, Robin Cook, and Andrew Gross will enjoy THE GEMINI FACTOR. 

Author’s Inspiration: My family was scheduled to set off on a cruise, when my mother had a bad feeling and refused to go. We ended up not going and I remember my father being so upset that he didn’t talk to her for a week. On the day that the ship departed a fire broke out on the deck where my parent’s stateroom was and many people died. My mother’s intuition was the seed for this novel. 

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This book is free 5/3-5/4.

Philip Fleishman, M.D.


Philip Fleishman M.D. is a retired Plastic Surgeon who, in addition to writing thrillers, has been creating wood art for over forty years. His works include complicated intarsia, fretwork, custom furniture, delicate inlay, and some of the most creative and unusual pepper mills you will ever see.

While practicing Plastic Surgery he received many awards and honors for his work with burned patients. In 1973 the Centurions in Tucson Arizona named him “Physician of the Year” for his dedication to burn care in Southern Arizona. He is one of a very select group to ever receive the award of “Honorary Firefighter” by the Tucson Fire Department. His writing and wood art reflect the same precision and attention to detail that he brought to the practice of Plastic Surgery.

He lives in Tucson, Arizona, with his wife, Jane, and their two golden retrievers, Rosie and Sassy.


Deadlocked : Free Book for Kindle, Nook, Apple and Kobo

Editor’s Note: It’s a story about a father’s journey to get home- except, it’s the zombie apocalypse. We love zombie books, and this is another fantastic addition to the shelf.

A very fast paced & well written storyline with lots of action from beginning to end!

Book Description: The zombie outbreak has begun. David’s family is stuck on their roof while the undead hordes wait below- and David finds himself in the middle of the city. Can he fight through everything standing between them and make it home? Will he even be able to save his family- and at what cost?

Readers who like World War Z, Zombie Survival Guide or Zombie Apocalypse will like DEADLOCKED.

Author’s Inspiration:  My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she knew my dream was always to be a writer. I started writing Deadlocked as a cathartic exercise to deal with my mother’s illness as well as attempt to fulfill my promise to her that I would one day be an author.

Actor who would play the Main Character: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

From the Book: Barry fell to the pavement as I stood above. I watched the crowd of cannibals flood over him. They fell to their knees and ripped at his flesh. They pulled his arms up and bit into them. He cried out to me for help as they ate him, but there was nothing I could do. His cries became a gurgle as he choked on his own blood.
I watched my best friend get eaten alive.

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This book is free on 5/3.

A. R. Wise


AR Wise lives in beautiful Colorado with his wife and two daughters. He used to be a salesman in the natural foods industry until the Deadlocked series of books took off. Now he is a full time author, and has never been happier!


WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: An unbelievable range of different things. Currently enthralled by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.


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Rebecca : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: REBECCA is an introspective novel into the mind of a young lesbian mother who struggles with her faith, beliefs, and plans.  

This book is engrossing and keeps you turning (or clicking) the pages! 

Book Description: A young mother surrenders her life plans to care for her unexpected child, Rebecca. At night, while she lies awake waiting for her daughter’s cries, she is tormented by a messenger from God who offers to give her her life back if she kills her daughter. The messenger’s visits force her to reflect on who she is and whether she truly loves the baby in the other room… and herself.

Those who love Jodi Picoult, Joe Hill, and Cormac McCarthy will love REBECCA. 

Author’s Inspiration:   My own experiences with a single, lesbian mother and a newborn daughter. Rebecca was based upon two different ideas. One was about how as a new parent, the seemingly endless sleepless nights can cause your mind to play tricks on you. The other idea was the pressures by severely conservative churches on those who are gay and lesbian. This book was the exploration of both ideas in tandem, and how one might reconcile the other.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Emma Watson

From the Book: During the day she could keep her brave face on. Tell herself this was all going to work out, somehow – that God wanted her to keep the baby, and she’d wanted to keep the baby, and with that kind of love, things would work out. Yes, she was young. She had given up a lot, like going to Yale. And yes, she was doing it alone. But it would work out. Nothing based on love could end in a bad way. 

At night, her faith evaporated.


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This book is free 5/3-5/4.

Adam J. Nicolai


I started writing because I have to – I spend too much pondering the mysteries of the universe to not express those thoughts. My children have changed my entire perspective on life, and I need to explore all the ways they have. I also just love words, love playing with them and moving them around and trying to find the perfect way to say something as concisely as possible.

Favorite Place to Write: I write in my home office downstairs. I don’t like to leave my family behind or sequester myself beyond that. One of the greatest things about being a full-time author is being able to be available to them when they need me! 
Favorite Music: As for music, it runs the gamut from Rap (Dessa), to Pop (Goo-goo Dolls), to Techno (Propellerheads), to custom remixes of my favorite video game music (DiscoDan or anything good from But not while I’m writing.  I need it quiet while I’m writing.


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Chasing Victory : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Romance, mystery, science fiction all combine in this intriguing debut novel. Think Doctor Dolittle meets X-Men hopped up on steroids! 

I just finish reading the last page and was sad to have it end.

Book Description: Victory Winters possesses an unusual innate sense of communication, boarding on telepathic when relating to animals. This unique ability has elevated her status to world renowned genetic research specialist. She is blackmailed with threats to her family, forcing her to work for a rival corporation, Biotec and run by a madman CEO.

Readers who enjoy Sherrilyn Kenyon, Cherry Adair, and Christine Feehan will like CHASING VICTORY. 

Author’s Inspiration: I wanted to create a series that would incorporate my love for paranormal, action, and suspense, along with my love of dogs.The Winters Sisters are a close knit family, yet they have conflict, both internally and externally.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Kate Walsh

From the Book: Victory turned around and headed back toward the compound. She would pick up her pace and be back in time for dinner. In mid-stride she froze. The same group of goats was heading away from her and she gauged them to be approximately three hundred yards from her. There it was again, she wasn’t merely imagining it, utter panic engulfed the group. Goose bumps rose on her arms; this wasn’t about the storm, something menacing was entering the area. Before she realized what she was doing she dropped down to the forest floor, trying to camouflage herself against a large tree dripping in moss. She slowed her breathing and listened to the animals. A threat. Whatever was coming was a threat and she was right in its path.

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This book is free 5/3-5/4.

Joanne Jaytanie


I was born and raised in Sherburne, New York, a small village surrounded by dairy farms and rolling hills, and a wonderful place to grow up and call my hometown.

From a young age I was in love with stories; reading stories, writing stories, or day dreaming about stories. I wanted travel and leave my small world behind. During my college years I slowly crept across the country. I found my true-love and put down new roots in Washington State.

I have trained, shown and bred Dobermans for over 30 years, they are truly part of my family. Our favorite thing to do is to pack up our dobermans, hook up the travel-trailer and explore.

Favorite Food: My favorite food is a great burrito. Didn’t even know what one was until I spent some time in Oklahoma in my mid-twenties.

Favorite Place to Write: I love writing in my office. Not original I know, but I will never tire of my panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains.

Favorite Music: I love music. Phil Collins, Maroon 5, Enya, Eagles, Jazz, Country, Classical. It all depends on my mood and what I am doing.

Favorite TV Shows: Castle, Grimm, NCIS, Revolution, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist and Scandal.

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Dead Highways: Episode 1 : Free Kindle and Nook Book

Editor’s Note: The apocalypse has never had a more entertaining narrator. You will enjoy the hilarious take on a post-apocalytpic world in this quick read! 

I must say fell in love with it from the beginning.

Book Description: In less than two weeks, the sickness crossed the globe infecting the majority of the population. Jimmy is one of the lucky ones immune to the infection, and now must figure out how to move on in a world where most of the people are in a coma. But they won’t sleep forever. And when they wake, they won’t be the same.

Fans of The Walking Dead and I am Legend will enjoy DEAD HIGHWAYS. 

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve always wanted to write a post-apocalyptic story. With the current popularity of the genre, now seemed like an appropriate time. However, Dead Highways is unlike any other book in the genre. Told from the perspective of a quirky book nerd, this series will have the reader smiling one moment and shocked the next. Filled with pop-culture references and cliffhangers galore, Dead Highways always keeps the reader entertained and on the edge of their seat.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Jesse Eisenberg or Michael Cera

From the Book: Tens of thousands of people were now believed to be sick with the virus. Falling asleep on the job had become a wide spread epidemic, sweeping across the west coast and as far east as Mississippi. Overhead shots of cars idling on highways, passengers inside them, sleeping. The Las Vegas strip was littered with bodies lying motionless on the ground, while high above the flashy casino signs continued to flicker with color and life. Airports and other transportation services were forced to shut down after a number of planes fell out of the sky, some on top of residential neighborhoods. Hospitals, police stations, and other public places were overrun with concerned citizens. And church had become popular again.


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This book is free 5/3-5/5.

Richard Brown


I’ve been writing most of my life, starting with poetry when I was around twelve-years-old. Realizing that hardly anyone reads poetry, I moved on to writing stories. With the advent of e-readers, there has never been a better time for authors to reach readers directly. My most successful book so far has been Titanic with Zombies, but in no time I believe my new series Dead Highways will surpass it.

Adorable puppies and Chef Gordon Ramsay, Comics & YouTube & fruit-flavored candy. Maynard James Keenan when he starts to sing. These are a few of my favorite things.

Connect with Richard:

Love on the Buchanan Ranch : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: This quick romantic read will touch you and have your heart fluttering.  

This book had me falling in love with these characters and I can’t wait to read more! 

Book Description: Stacey is a recently widowed woman whose husband leaves her with nothing. Her world is upended and she has to figure out how to move on in her new circumstances. She meets Owen, a sexy but quiet cowboy, and finds herself feeling things she hasn’t in a very long time. Then the unimaginable happens and she discovers she has lots of people in her life that care about her.

Readers who like Elaine Lavine will like LOVE ON THE BUCHANAN RANCH. 

Author’s Inspiration: I love sexy cowboys! 

From the Book: “Hi, I’m Stacey,” she said, extending her right hand. The man removed his black Stetson hat and took her hand, shaking it firmly. 

“Well, hello, Ms. Martinez. I’m Nate Buchanan, Bobby’s son.”
“I’m pleased to meet you,” Stacey said, taking back her hand and finding herself thinking, Now that is how you introduce yourself to someone. 
“My dad told me what a great job you did getting this place opened. I wanted to see it for myself. I don’t know if he told you, but this place was a dream of sorts for my mama before she passed on.”
“Thank you,” Stacey said, “And, yes, he did tell me. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m glad I could be a part of this, though. It seemed important to your dad as well.”
“Yes, mama was everything to him. Me and my brother Owen…well, let’s just say when mama was alive we were daddy’s afterthought.” 
The man’s eyes seemed to cloud over a bit when he said that, but seeming to realize he had said more than he meant to, he flashed a brilliant smile and said, “I’m glad you’re here, and I wanted to give you my card in case I could ever be of any assistance to you.”
He handed her a business card and Stacey looked at it. It said…Nate Buchanan, lead salesman, Buchanan Stock Yards.


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This book is free on 5/3-5/5.

Elizabeth Nelson


Elizabeth Nelson has been writing since she was a teen. She is passionate about empowering women and philanthropy projects. Elizabeth now lives in Los Angeles with her two dogs.

MY FAVORITE SHOW: I’m addicted to The Bachelor. Sean, will you marry me? Ha!

Connect with Elizabeth:

Max and the Gatekeeper: Free Book on Kindle, Apple and Nook

Editor’s Note: YA Fans:: Find yourself transported to a new world with this imaginative and exciting fantasy/science fiction. It will have you asking when a sequel will be available!  

This book engages its readers from the very beginning and takes them on a wild adventure throughout many vastly different and exotic worlds. 

Book Description: Max just wanted to play baseball in the summer, but instead ended up at his “boring” grandfather’s house. Little did Max know he was going to have more excitement than he would have every thought when he finds an unusual machine. His grandfather is a gatekeeper of a machine that allows the user to travel to parallel universes and strange worlds. But there are those who want the machine for nefarious purposes…will Max be able to fend them off? 

Readers who love J K Rowlings, Brandon Mull, and Eoin Colfer will enjoy MAX AND THE GATEKEEPER. 

This book will have you on the edge of your seat and asking for more! 


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This book is free 5/3-5/8.

James Todd Cochrane


James Todd Cochrane was born in Fremont, California. He received his BA from Utah State University, where he majored in Business Information Systems with a minor in German.

A writer since elementary school, he published his first novel, Max and the Gatekeeper, in 2007. The sequels, The Hourglass of Souls and The Descendant and the Demon’s Fork, followed

He now lives in Madison, Wisconsin, where he writes part-time while working as a computer programmer. 

His first novel, Max and the Gatekeeper, is on the Accelerated Readers List and was a 2010-2011 Alaska Battle Book.

He recently published his first novella, Centalpha 6 Part I. This will be a running YA Sci/Fi series. Part II is set for release November 2012.

Favorite Food: Prime Rib, Pizza, King Crab Legs

Favorite Place to Write: On my couch

Favorite Music: Hard Rock or Movie sound tracks

Favorite TV Show: Ghost Hunters

Connect with James: