Skeleton Key – Clay and Tanner Thomas Series (Free Kindle Book)

Adventure mystery with a hint of sci-fi – riveting.

After a tragic train wreck, Depot co-owner, Adrian Payne disappears.  Seven years later, Clay Thomas meets Payne’s beautiful wife and  determines to help her by using his mind powers to solve the mystery of  Payne’s disappearance. With the help of Clay’s son, Tanner, the local  chief of police, and Adrian Payne’s ghost, Clay discovers the body,  catapulting the investigators into a mystery—a mystery with more  questions than answers. If there was foul play, why do the coroner and  Adrian’s ghost disagree? If there wasn’t foul play, why do all the  suspects appear to be guilty? A twisted plot, full of surprises and  interesting characters is the result. Lessons of faith, friendship,  personal growth, and peace give meaning to a one-of-a-kind mystery.

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This book is free on 3/31.

Jeff Laferney

Jeff LaFerney is a language arts teacher. Jeff lives in Michigan with his wife and two kids. He has published three books.

Writing Your Way – Free Kindle Book

Julie taught me about voice, character, and plot. However, the most important thing she has given me is confidence.

WRITING YOUR WAY is all about finding your own best writing method, not a writing teacher’s idea of what’s right for you. It’s for the pre-published novelist who’s way past finding her inner writer and just wants some nuts-and-bolts advice that’ll help her through the plot knots and POV power struggles. Highlights include:

The definitive answer to the most popular question posed by pre-published authors: How do I find an agent?
How to make that all-important first chapter sparkle. (The only one anybody reads if it doesn’t sparkle.)
Plotting without tears.
Laughs and giggles. The subject matter’s serious, but the touch is light.

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This book is free on 3/31.

Julie Smith


Julie Smith is an American mystery writer, the author of nineteen novels and several short stories. She received the 1991 Edgar Award for Best Novel for her sixth book, New Orleans Mourning (1990).

She lives in New Orleans.



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Plato the Precocious Penguin

Cute story for all kids who love penguins

 I would like to introduce you to ‘Plato,’ the Precocious Penguin All the animals love Plato, and I hope that you will too.

Plato has been thinking and imagining a lot lately about what it would be like not to waddle like a penguin anymore, But no matter how he try’s he can only waddle.
Follow Plato as he try’s so hard to change the way he walks and gets himself in some funny situations.

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Deep Rough – Free Kindle Book

A page turner!

Sports agent Craig Waltrip has discovered a dangerous plot that could derail The Masters golf tournament.

Deep Rough is an entertaining and educational journey through the famed golf tournament. The stakes are higher than just the championship – someone’s life could be on the line.

This novel is perfect for fans of golf and thrillers alike. 

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This book is free on 3/29.

Chris Blewitt

Chris Blewitt loves literature and golfing. An author and salesman, Chris and his family live outside Philadelphia.

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Bluegrass State of Mind (Free eBook)

The story was great and the characters make me want to move to Kentucky! 

McKenna Mason is a successful New York City attorney. When she finds herself on the run from a dangerous enemy, McKenna reaches out to Will Ashton, an old teenage crush who just happens to be a handsome horse farmer. As they navigate dangers new and old, can McKenna and Will learn to save each other?

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Author Profile: Kathleen Brooks

Kathleen Brooks has garnered attention for her debut novel, Bluegrass State of Mind, as a new voice in romance with a warm southern feel. Her books feature quirky small town characters you’ll feel like you’ve known forever, romance, humor, and mystery all mixed into one perfect glass of sweet tea. Kathleen lives in Kentucky with her husband, daughter and assorted pets.

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Harry Potter eBooks for your Kindle, Finally!

Great news, readers! As of today, all seven Harry Potter books are now available for Kindle, Nook, and iPad

Unfortunately, they’re not sold directly from Amazon, so the process is a bit complicated. Fortunately, we’ve already bought our copies and will show you exactly how to get your Harry Potter Kindle books.

Here is our step-by-step guide:  (We are using the original, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, as our example).

1) Start at the Amazon page (here’s the link):

2) Click “Buy at Pottermore” on the right hand side. It will take you to this page:

3) Click “Add to Basket.” Go to your basket, which looks like this…

4) Click ‘proceed to checkout’ (this part’s pretty self-explanatory) and buy the book. Once you’ve signed up for an account with Pottermore and purchased it, you’ll be directed to a page that looks like this:

5) Click ‘proceed to download.’ You’ll be directed to a page to select the book you want to download.

6) Click ‘select’ and you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose which format you’d like to download the book for. You can download it 8 times!

I picked Amazon, since I have a Kindle, but am also planning to download for Apple (by clicking ‘Direct Download’). Since most of you wonderful readers have Kindles as well, here’s what it looks like when you click ‘Amazon – Kindle.’

7) You first link your account — 

8) Sign in to Amazon via the pop-up window that appears, then click “Send my Book” then “Go to Amazon.” You will be directed to your Kindle Library, where your Harry Potter book will be waiting!


Having Harry Potter on my Kindle is definitely worth the few minutes spend buying / downloading it. I’m planning to buy the rest tonight!

Have you bought your copies yet? Which Harry Potter book is your favorite?

Fathoms of Forgiveness (Sacred Breath #2) – Free Kindle Book

Another great book!

General Visola Ramaris has taken an oath to protect her kingdom. She also took an oath when she married Vachlan, her husband. But when Visola discovers her estranged husband is behind the deadly attacks on her kingdom, Visola finds herself in a deadly conflict. This is  the conflict that General Visola Ramaris faces when she learns that the  mighty Vachlan is behind the attacks on her kingdom. 

Unable to face her husband head-on but afraid of his evil plans, Visola is forced to set out on her own path to save her kingdom and those she loves the most.

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This book is free on 3/27.

Nadia Scrieva


Nadia Scrieva is a writer living in Toronto. Fathoms of Forgiveness is the second book in her Sacred Breath series.

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Poke (The Paranormal Poke Chronicles) – Free Kindle Book

A wild paranormal book that guys will enjoy.

Zan is a teenage boy with a talent for discovering any girl’s secrets. If he asks a girl to poke her finger into his navel, he gets a psychic trip to Secret Town. Zan never likes what he finds.

When he meets mysterious, beautiful Austin, with her waist-length hair and mature laugh, he wants to get acquainted with her the slow way. Austin, however, can’t resist her curiosity, and when she pokes her finger into Zan’s belly button, he sees … nothing.

Austin dashes out of Zan’s house and out of his life, leaving Zan heartbroken and confused. To find peace, he must unravel the secret of his power. Is it a gift, or a curse? How can Zan love someone with no future? How can he not?

Poke is a fast-paced story about Zan’s adventurous summer, as he battles witches, experiments with astral projection, and discovers the secret of his strange power, all to be with the girl he loves.

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This book is free on 3/27.


 Author Profile: Dalya Moon

I live on the west coast, in a Canadian city known for its rain, proliferation of yoga studios, and the 2010 Winter Olympics. (Vancouver!) I’m originally from a small, snowy town in northern B.C., but I love my new city for its beautiful mountains and the mild weather that rarely dips below freezing.

My home is full of cats, pottery, and books, as well as cheerfully squeaky floors. The tiniest room is the best one, as it catches the afternoon sun through hundred-year-old leaded glass panes.

I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a proud auntie to three energetic kids.

I write because it brings me joy.

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The M-16 Agenda (Free Kindle Book)

Absolutely phenomenal!

Jack Granger is slated to become the next Democratic president of the United States. An Iraq War veteran, Jack has built his political platform around his wartime experiences. But when the situation in Iraq takes a new, deadly turn, Jack finds himself in a new battle – one that could destroy everything he holds dear.

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This book is free on 3/26-3/28

James Wilcox

James Wilcox lives with his wife and three kids. A former newspaper photographer and columnist, James currently teaches high school in the Kansas City area.

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Treasure of Egypt (Free Kindle Book)

A funny and entertaining adventure!

In this lighthearted romp, readers accompany Lord Alec Brighton on a quest for long-lost Egyptian treasure. Along the way he uncovers ancient mysteries, battles modern-day dangers and comes face-to-face with an ominous curse. 

Set in 1863, this hilarious tale of friendship and adventure sweeps readers across Egypt and around the world with a dazzling mix of history and imagination.

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Barbara Ivie Green

Barbara Ivie Green lives in Piney Woods, Texas with her husband, daughter, two dogs and four cats. After being a professional artist for 25 years, she now also enjoys writing and poring over books on ancient world history. Being able to combine her love of all three is a dream come true.

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