Eleven Free Science Fiction and Fantasy eBooks for Kindle

It wouldn’t be Black Friday without a HUGE roundup post, right? If you’re a fan of science fiction or fantasy, there’s sure to be a book here for you. With no getting up early or waiting in line needed, it’s the best Black Friday deal you’ll get.

The Whispin’s Trilogy‘ and ‘Prince Charming‘ are free 11/23-11/24. ‘Honor of the Tom‘ and ‘The Keeper and the Rune Stone‘ , ‘Moon Wreck‘ , ‘Ghost Stories‘ ,  ‘The Zul Enigma‘ , and ‘Godmachine‘ are free on 11/23. ‘Doomed Colony of Mars‘ are free 11/23-11/26. ‘Black‘ , and ‘Clones‘ are free 11/23-11/25.

Eight Free Humor eBooks for Kindle

If your family gatherings get as crazy as ours, sometimes you just need a relaxing break with a good book and a laugh. Or maybe you just want to share some thanksgiving jokes with the family! Grab these EIGHT free Humor eBooks for Kindle!

The Office Idiot’ and ‘An Officer and a Gentleman Anyone Please? ‘ is free 11/23-11/25. ‘Diet Corny Jokes‘ , ‘Lost Clause‘, ‘Brett Always Wins‘, and ‘Jim Fosses Expense Claim‘ are free 11/23-11/24. ‘Travel to the G-Spot’ and ‘Katy’s Big Hair Day‘ are free on 11/23.