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Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, it goes in another direction!

In this first book in the Sandy Reid Mystery Series, an almost-too-clever young law student in Philadelphia gets a life-or-death call from her estranged brother who just moved to Florida–she tells him to go to hell. She doesn’t need this. She’s holding an old grudge and resents having her life in Philadelphia interrupted. The brother doesn’t come looking for trouble, he simply wants to get past his Philadelphia divorce and start a new life in Florida, but woman-trouble comes looking for him.

Unfortunately, he arrives in the small Florida ocean side town just as someone murders the local gubernatorial candidate. The brother doesn’t have a clue about women and gets seduced and framed. He hasn’t bothered with his estranged sister up north for years but now, as a stranger in a hostile town, she’s his only hope. She reluctantly decides to at least check out her brother’s predicament.


This small step leads the audacious sister into an ever-increasing entanglement of deceit, double-cross, and danger, as she can’t leave well-enough alone and goes after the real killer in this fast-paced mystery.


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Girl Unmoored – Free Kindle Book , Free Nook Book

A coming-of-age novel full of grit, grace, and humor. The writing sparkles on the page!

Middle school is never easy, but for seventh-grader Apron Bramhall, life has become singularly difficult. Apron’s mother just died, and her best friend seems to have abandoned Apron for a more popular circle. 

When her father announces he’s marrying his awful girlfriend, Apron finds solace in a friendship with Mike and Chad, a local gay couple who give her a part-time job at their flower shop.

But as the adults in Apron’s life continue to disappoint her, Apron realizes it’s time to charge of her own life. Can she steer it into a new and better direction?

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Jennifer Gooch Hummer

Girl Unmoored is the first novel from acclaimed author Jennifer Gooch Hummer. Before turning to writing, Jennifer earned a BA in English and worked in the film industry. Jennifer, her husband and their gorgeous daughters are bicoastal, spending time in both California and Maine.

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The Last Page (Free Kindle Book)

The story had heartbreak, laughs and some tears.

After the very-public breakup with her hunky, professional baseball player boyfriend, 23-year-old Norah Johnson is ready for an escape. 

So she heads to her home in the Hamptons with her sister and BFF. Breakup aside, things are going well for Norah: she’s talented, successful, and blessed with a wealthy family and supportive friends. 

But Norah is still afraid to date again. That is, until a handsome guy who’s crazy about her comes along…  

Will Norah be able to overcome her fears and fall in love again?  Can she really have it all?

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This book is free on 7/20-7/22.

Lacy Camey

Fiction author Lacy Camey loves spending time outdoors, cooking, and indulging in reality television. Lacy lives in Texas with her mischievous cat and awesome husband, Joel. Lacy is passionate about helping others. A portion of the proceeds of her book sales go to support orphanages in India, and she dreams of opening her own orphanage one day.

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