Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft: Free Kindle eBook

Snarky. Intelligent. Fierce. Funny.

At 17, Audrey Oliver’s powers aren’t fully developed yet. But when her mother disappears, Audrey knows its time to prove herself as witch – or watch her family be destroyed by a wicked sorcerer. 

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Jody Gehrman

Jody Gehrman is the award-winning author of novels for teens and adults. She has also written several plays that have been performed from New York to Los Angeles. In addition to her writing, Jody is a college English professor in California, where she lives with her husband, Jake.

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The Last Mountain Gorilla: Free eBook for Kindle

Exceptional short stories that will stick with you

The Mountain Gorillas are nearly extinct, but one journalist is determined to photograph one before they disappear forever. But there are secrets hiding in the jungle, and a group of vigilantes aren’t ready for the world to discover them.

Includes two additional short stories:

A Simple Solution: A scientist’s disease research is putting a strain on his marriage. Could one remedy cure both problems? 

The Escape Artist: A convict is planning his escape from prison – but what is he really running away from?

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Gary Ponzo

Gary Ponzo is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee and an award-winning novelist of the Nick Bracco series of thrillers.  His novel, A Touch of Deceit won the 2009 Southwest Writers Award in the Thriller category.

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Rosetta: Free eBook for Kindle

I am a sucker for interesting science fiction, and this fit the bill.

The family of leading scientist Dr. Sanjay Sinjakama don’t believe that his death was a suicide. So they ask Jim Meade to investigate. 

Meade soon discovers that  Sinjakama’s death is one piece of an increasingly complicated plot that could destroy the tenuous peace between the Consortium and the Coalition. The last time the two nations went to war, the Earth was destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. The fate of humanity hinges on Meade – will he catch the killer in time?

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RJ Johnson

A California native, RJ Johnson spent his childhood in the beautiful mountains surrounding his small lakeside town. Though he’s loved writing since a young age, RJ spent most of his career in radio. 

RJ lives in San Diego, writing, spending time outdoors, and attending the occasional baseball game.

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Abs: Free eBook for Kindle

This book has a diverse assortment of ab and stomach exercises that just when you think you’re used to everything, the intensity kicks up a notch.

Strong, sexy abs are within your reach. Learn 50 fantastic exercises that will help you achieve a toned and sleek stomach. 

These exercises incorporate a wide variety of fitness techniques that are both effective and healthy. Exercises are categorized by intensity, making ABS perfect for people at every fitness level. 

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This book is free 10/13-10/14.

Howard VanEs

Wellness expert Howard VanEs, M.A., has been helping people improve their lives by improving their overall health. Howard has been practicing and teaching hatha yoga for more than 16 years. He is the author of 10 fitness books that address a variety of common health and fitness issues and has produced a series of audio yoga guides.