The Best Blogs for Young Adult Books


Searching for good books for young adults? Looking for young adult fiction? Well whether you are a preteen, a teen or a mother with her own teens, it is no secret that young adult literature is on the rise. Perhaps it has even been on the rise for some time now, with such obvious hits as Harry Potter, Twilight and the Hunger Games.

 What will the next hit series be many are wondering? Unfortunately we here at Freebooksy don’t have the answer to that. However. We do have a list of the best young adult book blogs to pour over in the meantime, varying from general YA fiction to paranormal YA lit to YA romances. So no matter your age or your genre preference, check out these blogs where you’ll find a little bit of something for everyone.

1. The Book Smugglers

Reviewing YA lit and speculative fiction since 2008, The Book Smugglers are Thea and Ana, two college graduates spending more money than they have on books they probably don’t need, according to their partners that is. Sassy, honest and charming, the book smugglers have no shortage of opinions on the books they review as well as on the variety of other topics they discuss on their blog.

2. Good Books & Good Wine

A self-proclaimed nerd, feminist and lover of the color pink, April at Good Books & Good Wine reviews young adult and middle grade books of all genres. With over 1,000 books in her own library, April is confident in her reviews and her recommendations, more than happy to push her own favorites on her readers (and rightly so, she has some great picks!). So whether you’re of the age to drink wine or not, everyone will find something useful on this blog. 

3. The Story Siren

Founded in late 2007, The Story Siren features YA book reviews, interviews, giveaways, news and more by Kristi, an orthodontic technician by day and a book blogger by night. As a once insecure teen herself (though weren’t we all?), Kristi believes in the power of young adult literature to heal the scars we form in our youth; and heck, she makes us believe it too with her light, honest and informative reviews.

4. Novel Novice

Made up of a handful of reviewers from across the country, Novel Novice includes book reviews done with both teens and adults in mind, recognizing and reacting to the growing trend of over 18-year-olds becoming attached to the YA genre. Novel Novice is particularly fond of tying educational lessons into their reviews and featuring classic pieces of literature on their blog for young adults to read, a unique twist to the usual YA blog formula.

5. i swim for oceans

Run by 26-year-old Melissa, a resident of the greater Boston area and a former competitive swimmer, i swim for oceans reviews young adult and middle grade books from a variety of subgenres. Hoping to one day write YA lit herself (as well as a self-help book), Melissa respects the time and effort authors put into their novels. Thus, you won’t find books ripped to shreds on her site, but rather, reviews done in a light-hearted and personable manner.

6. Book Harbinger

This blog focuses on fantasy books for young adults. Though this is her main focus, Holly, or The Book Harbinger, accepts essentially any book of any genre that piques her interest. A mother of two, an assistant librarian once a week and a holder of two degrees in art history, Holly never fails to provide thorough reviews as well as some really cool book art: ranging from hand-painted book covers to furniture made of books themselves.

7. Chick Loves Lit

A college graduate from Michigan who currently resides in Nevada, Sharyn of Chick Loves Lit initially began her blog with solely “chick lit” in mind, but has now moved on to almost exclusively YA books. Filled not only with book reviews, but with challenges for her readers, tons of short author interviews and various videos and other engaging posts, this is a fun blog for fun people who want to read fun books.

8. Bewitched Bookworms

With a particular passion for connecting the readers they love with books they’ll love, the 5 women of Bewitched Bookworms are also passionate about facilitating author interactions on their site, as well as just really excited about books in general. They review young adult, fantasy, paranormal and mystery/suspense lit in one of the most organized blogs we’ve seen, not to mention the numerous links and giveaways they also offer their readers.

9. The Compulsive Reader

Blogging since 2007, Tirzah, also known as The Compulsive Reader, takes most of her enjoyment from YA lit. Not the fluffy kind, however, filled with friend fights and boy drama, but the kind with complicated plots set in fantasy worlds and populated by fictional creatures. Humor is a must, classics have their very own corner and freebies are never far out of reach on the Compulsive Reader’s intricate and interesting blog.

10. Read.Breathe.Relax.

This blog also focuses on fantasy books for young adults. With a love of this genre that stemmed from reading for hours upon hours in the waiting room as a child while her mother was in the hospital, Lisa, a professional writer and editor, runs Read.Breathe.Relax in her spare time. A well-designed blog with well-reviewed books, there are also book challenges, links to similar blogs and various posts about topics that are all very pertinent and interesting to avid YA readers.

11. Galleysmith

Open to a number of genres from YA and chick lit to dystopian literature, Galleysmith is home to book reviewers Michelle, Andi and Laura. Dedicated to providing the best reviews possible and promoting the books they review as thoroughly as possible, the women of Galleysmith come from legitimate literary backgrounds. They will also reference and praise other book review blogs, always striving to keep the most honest site they can.

12. Hippies, Beauty and Books…Oh My!

Founded and run by Amanda, a self-proclaimed (and proud) hippie, the blog also features reviews of YA lit by Amanda’s husband, Jonathon, and their most recently added reviewer, Emily. Chalk full of reviews for YA books in essentially any genre, Hippies, Beauty and Books…Oh My! is also home to some informative articles including everything from ‘How to Avoid Becoming a Book Character’ to a summer reading flow chart to much more.

13. Love YA Lit

Focused on reviewing YA lit and media from an adult perspective, Em, Nora and Alicia of Love YA Lit believe that adults can learn as much from the genre as the teenagers it is targeted at can. All three very strong women who favor strong female characters, Love YA Lit features just as strong reviews, which often include book covers, trailers and all sorts of interesting additions that keep readers engaged.

14. Ticket to Anywhere

Though primarily dabbling in YA lit, Ticket to Anywhere blogger, Gail, is open to pretty much all other genres as well (though to be honest, she is not really into werewolves!). Taking her blog the extra mile, Gail is also open to self-published and Nook books (with restrictions, of course), and rather than just having author interviews, she also has blogger interviews, character interviews and lots of other cool features and articles on her site.

15. Poetry to Prose

The brains behind Poetry to Prose is Stephanie, a 20-something year old from Los Angeles, with a straightforward approach to her YA book reviews and the ability to have fun with them at the same time. Though somewhat new to the blogosphere, she already has an impressive list of books reviewed and comes out with new ones quite frequently considering the amount of time it does take to read books. Did we mention she’s a Gryffindor?

16. Teen Lit Rocks

A multi-generational group of reviewers, all lovers of YA lit and passionate about reading, the sisters who make up Teen Lit Rocks have created a blog with all kinds of fun places to go. In addition to their reviews, readers can read about their literary crushes, their all-time favorite books and amazing couples in literature. They also feature authors on the site on a regular basis and a personal favorite, ‘Confessions of a YA Junkie.’

17. Novel Thoughts

One of the few YA book blogs run by males, Novel Thoughts is the brainchild of two twin brothers, Jeremy and Jeffrey. Their goal with the blog: getting YA fiction to the masses, the masses being the young, the old and everyone in between. A refreshing blog with refreshing reviews from bloggers who are both younger and of a different gender than what is usual, Novel Thoughts is a novel blog if we ever saw one.

18. The Paper Reader

Book reviews from not another English major, but a blogger studying political science, also give this blog a refreshing outlook on YA lit. Through The Paper Reader‘s attention to detail in her reviews, readers can really see the passion for books this blogger has. With its pleasing graphics and easy-to-navigate design, one can also peruse the various other (and highly entertaining) posts that can be found throughout the rest of the site.

 19. Sash & Em – A Tale of Two Bookies

Beginning as suitemates in the dorms during their college years, Sash & Em have been inseparable ever since. Though they no longer live across the hall from each other, they continue to blog together about their favorite YA books. Charming and quirky, the two review books both together and separately, and offer a number of challenges to their readers in addition to some just generally interesting posts on their blog as well.

20. Coffee, Books & Me

From the pink to the pictures, this adorable YA book blog is run by Jenna, a nurse who realized that life should be spent doing the things we enjoy and thus, began this blog about books. Personable and excited about what she does, Jenna has made Coffee, Books & Me into not only a place to look for reviews, but a place to find some really interesting features as well, including her own random thoughts and the books she can’t wait to get ahold of.

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She lives in Utah, where she is perpetually entertained by her children, their friends, and the students that find themselves stuck in her science classroom.


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