The Dream Prophecy : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: We were up all night reading this action-packed thriller – just couldn’t put it down. We think that you will agree when you check this one out! 

It is one of the few books I have read recently that I did not want to put down.

Book Description: In THE DREAM PROPHECY, Alan Callaway lived a life that revolved around petty crime, but that soon changed after a serious accident. He began having dreams that prophesize an epidemic that will wipe out the world’s population. It proves to be true and soon Alan finds himself living in a conservative community who believe morality will set the world to right. Unheeding his warnings, Allen soon find himself along with the people around him fighting off a London gang set to take over. Where will Allen end up..on the side of good or evil? 

Readers who like gritty hard edged books with an urban feel or apocalyptic thrillers that move along at a fast pace will love  THE DREAM PROPHECY.

From the Book: He remembered it was about 12.30 am on a Monday night in late January, when he found himself awake, sitting bolt upright in bed, after clawing and screaming his way back to consciousness to escape the hell that dominated his sleep. He looked into the blackness, only to be confronted again by the images of the dying and the dead, sprawled across grey and rain swept pavements begging for life. Turning on the side lamp, he looked up at the nicotine stained ceiling of his cell-like bedsit. Throwing back the covers he stepped on to the lino, cold on his naked feet and then sat back on the bed, tired yet restless, before reaching over to his bedside table for his cigarettes. He inhaled deeply on the filter tip, which he still considered a luxury after the matchstick style rollups he had got used to during his recent spell in prison. It had been two weeks since his release, and despite the drabness of his new home, the privacy that it offered far outweighed the disadvantages. He decided to make some coffee and went to the small fridge situated next to his sink where the tap constantly dripped but now went unheard due to familiarity. There was no milk but he was unconcerned, it gave him the excuse to go out to the all night garage. He knew the night air would clear his head and blow away the last remnants of the dream.


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Robin Webster


I was born and brought up in London, but has lived in the South West of England for a number of years. I has always needed to do something creative. When I was younger he used to sing and play blues harp in various bands on a semi pro bases. I also used to write or co-write most of the songs in the bands. As I got older I got fed-up with getting home at two in the morning and then getting up for work the next day. Don’t get me wrong I still love music and my books do tend to have a music theme running through them, but my creative outlet now, is writing books. I work in the criminal justice system, so I’m familiar with the mindsets of various types of criminals from drug gang leaders to just plain murder which helps with my writing. I think it is always important to write about what you know, which I have not only done with this book but also my first book The Blues Man which is a gritty Brit-crime thriller.

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A Summoner’s Tale (Order of the Black Swan 3) : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: This stirring paranormal romance is the third in the Order of the Black Swan series. It will have you spellbound by the fast-paced action and breathtaking romance! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series! It can make you laugh and cry all on the same page!!

Book Description: A SUMMONER’S TALE is the impressive third installment of the best selling serial saga, Order of the Black Swan.

True love patiently awaits for two hearts magically bound together, but are separated by distance. They must fight to reunite together and find their happily ever after. Their struggles shows that love transcends time, distance, and strife. 

Readers who love Karen Marie Moning, Kresley Cole, and Sherilyn Kenyon will enjoy A SUMMONER’S TALE.

Actor Who Would Play The Main Character: Travis Fimmel

From the Book: When the initial rush of activity subsided, he had found himself all too often alone with his own thoughts; a condition that was tediously familiar since he had spent hundreds of years that way. Without the distraction of his friends’ banter, since his proposed staff had left Edinburgh, he had begun to see his task not just as a job, but as a mission, one immersed in the duality of joy and gravity. Though, lately it seemed gravity was winning.

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Victoria Danann


For the past fourteen years, Victoria has illustrated and authored Seasons of the Witch calendars and planners and written several non-fiction books on magickal arts. She lives in a town north of Houston known as The Woodlands even though the idea of the witch in the woods may be a cliché.

She owns 7th House Publishing and contributes to its enterprises. In addition to art and writing, she plays Classic Rock music (keys, rhythm guitar, vocals) and manages one of Houston’s premier party bands. She is married with four children


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Free Romance Novels on Kindle

Editor’s note: two romances for a lovely Friday – one historical, one contemporary. Best of all, they’re both free (and highly rated)!


These books are free on 5/17.

Guardians: The Girl : Free Kindle, Nook and Apple eBook

Editor’s Note: In search of some angst filled romance with otherworldly settings then look no further. Look out Edward and Bella- here comes Marcus and Emmy!

This book was more than amazing it was phenomenal!

Book Description: Romeo and Juliet.  Edward and Bella. These are some of the most beautiful and tragic love stories and Marcus and Emmy will join that group. All they want is to be together; the only way for humanity to survive is to keep them apart. 

Readers who enjoy City of Bones, Fallen, Hallowed and Hush,Hush will like GUARDIANS : THE GIRL. 

Author’s Inspiration: The thought occurred to me out of the blue: what if the only way to save the world is to give up the one you love? Could you do it? Could you walk away from him if it meant saving all of us?

 Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Alexis Bledel

From the Book: “Before anyone can speak, a boy pops out of thin air. Seriously. He came out of nowhere. Startled, I jump back, lose my balance and fall head first down the side of the five story building. I don’t even have time to register that I should scream. I try to prepare myself for the pain. My head will hit the ground first, so maybe death will come swiftly. Please, please come swiftly.

There is no pain. I feel no pain. Yes! Somehow I must have been knocked unconscious so quickly, the pain never had time to register. I’m dead. I’m dead. I’m dead.”


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Lola StVil


I guess I should say impressive things about me here. Um….does knowing every episode of “Big Bang Theory” count as impressive? Or maybe my superpower of knowing when someone is even thinking about making bacon? Wait! I think the thing you should know about me is that I’m very lucky. This series has gotten thousands of amazing fans that are in love with Marcus and Emmy. I can’t wait for you to meet them:)

Favorite Food: Veggies (okay,okay, bacon)

Favorite Place to Write: I write at the cafe where they know me so well, they text me if I miss a day.

Favorite Music: I listen to whatever the character would listen to

Favorite Tv Show: Big Bang Theory / Pretty Little Liars/ Scandal

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For Internal Use Only : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: What happens when you stop chasing fairytales and start creating your own? Well you will find out as we did when you read this humorous romance!  

It was a book that I didn’t want to put down and was a little sad when it ended.

Book Description: Chloe Kassidy is an artist who has sacrificed much for her career, including having a personal life. This thought dawns upon her when she is accepted into a prestigous exhibit, Love Through Light. Chloe enlists her friends to help her find love and along the way herself. 

Fans of Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffin will enjoy FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY.

Author’s Inspiration: Inspired by the notion that women grow up with ideas of true love and destiny, For Internal Use Only approaches those ideas with a decidedly twenty-first century viewpoint. By incorporating problems inherent with today’s dating world, this book enlightens readers that the greatest love story ever written is what we create in our lives.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Natalie Portman

From the Book: We lived and loved through technology, so I was frustrated that my fate was arriving via snail mail and the timing matched every part of the description. Technology was the trusted source of banking transactions, meeting your husband, ordering your groceries, making restaurant reservations and even spying on your pets through a kennel cam while sunburning on a beach. But today, this life-altering letter crawled its way to me by a government official, a man I rarely saw, and never exchanged words with. I was waiting to hear if my dream would come true, and dreading it would never be.


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Cari Kamm


Cari Kamm has worked in the beauty industry for over a decade, building brands, working behind the scenes, and even selling her own skin care line. She has a master’s in clinical nutrition from New York University. Kamm currently works in corporate social media management with clients in the beauty, fashion, and restaurant industries. Living in New York City with her mutt Schmutz, Kamm loves finding inspiration in the most unexpected places, being a novelist, and convincing her fiance that ordering takeout and making dinner reservations are equal to cooking. More information can be found on her website,

Favorite Food – Cupcakes (don’t judge)

Favorite Place to Write – random coffee spots in NYC.

Favorite TV Show – Law & Order

Favorite Music – Completely depends on my mood!

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Promise Cove: Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: This is one of those stories where it feels like everyday people have to overcome impossible challenges. But you just know that they’ll prevail in the end.

A romance story with totally true-to-life characters!

Book Description: War widow Jordan has a baby to support and an old Victorian home to turn into a Bed and Breakfast. She meets veteran Nick and together they work through the loss of their loved one and overcome every obstacle.


Readers who like Nicholas Sparks will like Promise Cove.


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Vickie McKeehan


Vickie writes books that take real life issues and blend them with romance, full of twsits and turns. She Lives in Southern California near the ocean.

MY FAVORITE HOBBIES: Being in the outdoors, watching sports (especially football), gardening, and spending time at the beach!

MY FAVORITE FOODS: She lives for chocolate, but then who doesn’t? She’ll kill for a cup of coffee in the morning. She’s convinced the best food on earth is French Fries. And she could easily be a vegetarian if it wasn’t for bacon.


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Three Free Romance Novels for Kindle

Editor’s Note: Fall in love while going back in time with these two free historical romances. Love transcends time and these stories prove that! These books are FREE as a part of another Free Partay.


These books are free on Kindle 5/16. 

Three Free Kids Books for Kindle

Editor’s note: do you have a little one running around the house? Pick us one of these free ebooks to read with your child tonight – bedtime stories are some of the best memories a kid can have! “There’s a Baby in Mommy’s Belly!” is FREE as a part of another Free Partay.


These books are free on May 16.