The Survivors – Free eBook for Kindle, Apple, and Nook

A chilling vision of society’s collapse.

For the survivors of the apocalypse, life after The War is just as brutal and horrific is it was before. They must battle their way through cold, dark cities and ward off new terrors, using only their own strength and will to live.

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Angela White

Angela White is a writer and Taxicab dispatcher. She loves sharing stories with others and is particularly fond of romance, horror and science fiction.

Twisted Vengeance: Free eBook for Kindle

I haven’t read a story with so many twists and turns in a long while and the ending was totally unexpected.

Detective Rick Burns is thrust into a supernatural whirlwind while investigating several unsolved murders.

In the process, a ghostly boy who may know the killer, takes Rick on a haunting chase through the streets of Indianapolis. What Rick discovers is a maniac bent on vengeance that is unbelievably sick and twisted.

The detective has his past and love interest to protect, but he’ll need to solve the case and free his demons before he is the next victim.

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Jeff Bennington


Jeff Bennington is the author of REUNION, an Amazon #1 bestselling supernatural thriller, TWISTED VENGEANCE and CREEPY, a collection of scary stories. He blogs at The Writing Bomb and is the founder of The Kindle Book Review. When Jeff isn’t writing and blogging, he’s busy raising and homeschooling his four children with his wife in Indianapolis, IN…which incidentally, is where TWISTED VENGEANCE takes place. Go Colts!

Jeff has written political thrillers, supernatural thrillers and suspense, but he doesn’t want to be pigeonholed. You never know what he’s going to write next, but you can bet that it will be suspenseful, intriguing, romantic or thrilling — but not necessarily in that order. His blog posts can be funny, inspiring or informative; depends on his mood. He is truly a creative soul. He designs his own book covers, has been drumming for over 30 years and loves creating glass mosaics!


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H.E.R.O : Metamorphosis – Free eBook for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Action like X-Men, romance like Twilight, but a little bloodier than both- though nothing too serious!

Although raised by single metahuman parents, Stephanie, Rael, and Lance weren’t prepared for the sudden and shocking event that thrust them into a night of upheaval as they cope with their metamorphosis into superhumans. The meteor shower that altered the heroes also mutated many others in Metrocity, causing a scene of chaos at Iron Cross General Hospital as Lance and Stephanie are captured by law enforcement, and Rael must free them.

The friends join the Homeland Extraordinary Response Organization (H.E.R.O.), and seek to stop a mutant named Shrinker as she gathers new supers to build an army of bloodthirsty mutants in her plan to cause anarchy. Her evil squad kidnaps normal humans to feed those mutants, and it becomes a race against time to find the anarchists before they murder the people.

While searching for the villain’s base of operations, the group must learn their powers and overcome the problems associated with telepathy, a strong blood thirst, and strength capable of crushing steel under one’s fingers. They also begin to take part as heroes in the city, and discover that having powers is not as easy as it appears – in heroic actions or in normal life.

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Kevin Rau


Born in 1970, I’ve been interested in fantasy and science fiction since perhaps the age of 10. I believe my love of medieval knights came about when my father built a wooden shield and sword for me to use in elementary school for some event.

Through my school years I read hundreds (or thousands? – it’s hard to recall at this point) of fantasy and science fiction novels. Comic books and super heroes came a bit later, although I recall seeing the Christopher Reeve Superman movies at a very young age (and loving them). Since my later teens I believe I’ve watched nearly every major fantasy, science fiction, and super-hero movie that has come out.

I still love reading fantasy and science fiction, although I wish there were more novels based on superheroes. This is something that drove me to create my own supers universe and heroes in written form. I love supers, but I’ve always wanted more character depth than a comic book can provide. (Not to mention the immense length of time it takes for a comic series to do a story is just plain too long to me.)

Writing is a hobby for me, I’m a full-time computer programmer and systems administrator for a small company. Fortunately the skills I’ve learned allow me to work with 3D programs to render the characters (and covers) for my books. My hope is to put out a novel or two a year, time allowing. At this point I’d like to grow the H.E.R.O. Universe with more novels, as well as start a fantasy series at some point.


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Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald – Free Kindle Book

Perfect for those interested in conspiracies and the justice system!

Why is this book one of the top 10 topics discussed in the history of the JFK ASSASSINATION FORUM web site?

Answer: $25,000. 

Want that money? It’s all yours! Just win The $25,000 JFK Challenge! No need to describe the rules now, the main details are here in Volume One . . . but know this, it’s for real, which is why it has caught the interest of the people on the forum . . .

Difficult to win? Nah, child’s play! Just listen to these words from ace prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi: “Only in a fantasy world could Oswald be innocent and still have all this evidence against him. I think we can put it this way: If Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy, then Kennedy wasn’t killed on November 22, 1963.” 

But the author of IMPOSSIBLE says Bugliosi is wrong. Now, who are you going to believe, best-selling author Bugliosi, a prosecutor with over 100 felony convictions to his credit, or some nobody writer no one has heard of?

So, download this book for free on the 22nd, and be the first on your block to claim the prize! And tell all your Facebook friends who think Oswald did it their bounty awaits!

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This book is free on 9/22.

Cutters vs. Jocks: Free eBook for Kindle and Nook

This story is told in alternating points of view giving the reader an honest look into each of the characters’ motivations and history.

Indiana University student Libby is a smart and unpopular Cutter  -a kid from the area. Aidan is one of the school’s star baseball players. They’re from two opposite ends of the social scene, and their kinds don’t usually mix.

But the pair develop an unlikely friendship. Their social statuses keep romance at bay – until Aidan rescues Libby from some nasty frat guys, and the two begin seeing each other in a new light.

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Elizabeth Marx

Illinois-native Elizabeth Marx spent years working as an interior designer before turning to writing. Elizabeth loves playing and watching sports and spending time with her husband and daughters. 

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