Three Free Kindle Fantasy Books

What’s your fantasy? These three FREE Kindle books might have it waiting for you- just click the covers to find out!

The Case of the Witch’s Talisman’ is free 8/26-8/28. ‘The Opening’ and ‘The Rising Wind’ are free 8/26-8/27.


Three Paranormal Mysteries – Free Kindle Books

These three head-scratching paranormal mysteries will give you goosebumps! They’re all FREE on Kindle!

‘Bad Blood’ is free 8/26-8/27. ‘The Dead Love Longer’ and ‘Crash Gordon Mystery’ are free on 8/26.

The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Agent Auggie Spinoza – Free Kindle Book

A fun adventure with an original concept that encourages kids to use their minds to solve problems!

Special agent Auggie Spinoza travels through time solving mysteries and catching criminals. He also happens to be 10 years old. 

Auggie’s latest adventure might be his biggest one yet. Auggie faces an evil enemy, but with the help of new friends and ancient clues, he might just be able to save the day.

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This book is free 8/25 – 8/27.

Steven Stickler

Author Steven Stickler has been writing since he was five years old. His day job involves writing nonfiction reports for adults, but in his free time he loves writing stories for his son and is working on his next young adult novel. 

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Two Free Fantasy Books for Kindle

These two fantasies should catch your fancy since they’re both FREE on Kindle!

‘The Whitechapel Gambit’ is free 8/25-8/26. ‘Killing in the Air’ is free on 8/25.

Six Free Contemporary Fiction Books for Kindle

These books fall under that difficult-to-define ‘literary fiction’ category. But they’re all contemporary, and they’re all FREE on Kindle!

‘Eding Past Reality’ , ‘The Driving Lesson’ , and ‘And Stones Shall Dance’ are free on 8/25. ‘Every Why’ and ‘Feria’ are free 8/25-8/37. ‘Nitt Witt Ridge’ is free 8/25-8/26.

Four Free Grab Bag Kindle Books

Hope you like variety! Here are four FREE Kindle books- One Horror, one Historical Fiction, one Paranormal Humor, and one Mystery! 

‘Fear The Dark’ is free on 8/25. ‘The Texicans’ is free 8/25-8/36. ‘Interview with a Jewish Vampire’ and ‘The Fall of Billy Hitchings’ are free 8/25-8/27.

Money for Old Rope: Free Kindle Book

Fast-paced with a generous dose of humour, much of it tongue in cheek!

Money for Old Rope is a fascinating and funny exploration of the origins of the things we think and say and do. Albert Jack delves into the stories behind the stories, offering a new perspective on everything from urban legends and nursery rhymes to everyday expressions and even beloved foods. 

Impress and entertain your friends with the delightful anecdotes that fill the pages of Money for Old Rope.  

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This book is free 8/24 – 8/26.

Albert Jack

Albert Jack is a bestselling writer and historian with a love cultural history, idioms and little-known facts. Albert’s literary success has made him a fixture on TV and radio shows around the world. In addition to writing, Albert is currently hosting writers workshops in England and South Africa. 

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Six Free Thriller Books for Kindle

What an awesome selection! These SIX thrillers are FREE for Kindle!

Turn Around Where Possible’ , ‘The Folks at Fifty-Eight’ , and ‘Through the Portal’ are all free 8/24-8/25. ‘The Ghost at the Foot of the Stairs’ is free 8/24-8/26. ‘Quantum Lapse’ and the Scott Nicholson collection are free on 8/24 only.

The Wizard of Time – Free Kindle Book

Sci-Fi, history, and philosophy come together in this time-travelling alternate universe!

Gabriel Salvador knows he’s going to drown soon. He saw it in a dream, and his dreams always, somehow, come true.

But just as his death arrives, Gabriel is whisked outside of time by a group of powerful wizards. Working as an apprentice, Gabriel joins the wizards as they travel through time and space, fighting in the all-encompassing War of Time and Magic.

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This book is free 8/24 – 8/25.

G. L. Breedon

As a child, G.L. Breedon’s vivid imagination led him on fantastic adventures across the universe. Now it manifests itself in his science fiction and fantasy novels. He also writes screenplays and has directed several short films and theater productions. 

An ordained minister, G.L. lives in Brooklyn with his wife. 

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