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Children of the Fog : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Think of the best paranormal mystery thriller you’ve ever read- this one is almost certainly better. Don’t miss out on snagging it while it’s free!

A creepily good book that never loses momentum!

Book Description: Sadie O’Connell is a bestselling author and a proud mother, and her son has just been abducted by a serial abductor known only as The Fog. And she can’t tell a soul.

Readers who like Heather Graham, Gone Girl, Traces of Kara, or Dean Koontz will like CHILDREN OF THE FOG.

Author’s Inspiration:  I was inspired a fear that I have–the fear of being in a submerged vehicle.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Gerard Butler.

From the Book: For the past six years, whenever Marcus slept, his dead wife and son came to visit, taunting him with their spectral images, teasing him with familiar phrases, twisting his mind and gut into a guilt-infested cesspool. The only way to escape their accusing glares and spiteful smiles was to wake up. Or not go to sleep. Sleep was the enemy. He did his best to avoid it..

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This book is free 3/7-3/10.

Cheryl Kaye Tardif


Cheryl Kaye Tardiff is an author of suspense, mystery, thrillers, and crime novels- and most have an element of paranormal or supernatural to them. She loves diving into characters’ emtions and writes to tell the stories in her head.


WHERE I WRITE: On the recliner in my living room

WHAT I LISTEN TO: Anything instrumental when I’m writing; pop when I’m not.

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SEO for Content Writers and PR Pros : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: If you write anything on the web, you’ll get a lot out of this book! It’s a how-to guide for maximizing SEO, getting your website more traffic- who wouldn’t want that?!

This great guide really helped me get a grip on SEO!

Book Description: Writers want their words to find readers. This ebook offers a step by step guide to SEO and online marketing techniques especially for writers of all kinds.

Readers who like SEO Made Simple by Michael H. Fleischner, SEO 2013 and Beyond by Dr Andy Williams, or Optimise by Lee Odden will like SEO FOR CONTENT WRITERS & PR PROS.

Author’s Inspiration: After working with a range of public relations, content and fiction writers over the years, I wanted to write a guide to SEO and web marketing that was specifically focused on connecting individual articles, stories, blogposts and content with an intended audience.

From the Book:  We know PR professionals are great at creating fantastic content; we read it daily on companies’ website blogs and on social media platforms. But it’s not just about creating great content – it’s also about creating the right content based on solid research and using SEO strategies within that content to reach and engage the target market.

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This book is free 3/7-3/8.

Phil Byrne


Phil is a self described “location independent” web marketeer currently working and living from various locations around the globe. Some people think that means I sit on the beach with my smart phone! Occasionally I do, but more regularly you’ll find me helping others find their voice and market online armed with a well made coffee and a smile. I write ebooks because I enjoy helping others utilise the many wonders of the web to enhance both their professional and personal lives.

MY FAVORITE THINGS: I adore great stories, wonderful songs, almost constant travel and my faithful dog.

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Busy Mom’s Guide to Stree Free Organization : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: We know how busy it is to be a mom. Sometimes, just being organized can make your whole life easier!

A helpful guide to keep me organized!

Book Description: Being a busy mom is stressful and time consuming. Keeping a clean and decluttered home can be next to impossible. This book looks to teach you how you can have a clean and clutter free home without sacrificing too much time.

Readers who like Martha Stewart will like BUSY MOM’S GUIDE TO STRESS FREE ORGANIZATION.

Author’s Inspiration:  As a busy mom I needed to keep my home clean but I had only a short amount of time. These are my tested and true methods that will help you keep a clutter free home.


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This book is free on 3/7.

Little Music Lessons for Kids : Lesson 1 (Free Kindle eBook)

Editor’s Note: We wish we’d had a book like this in our childhoods- Maybe we’d be an office full of Beethovens and Mozarts instead!

I think I learned almost as much as my child! What a great way to get her started with music!

Book Description: This book contents the first lesson of series “Little Music Lessons for Kids”. The main hero is a little puppy who knows lots of interesting musical stories. Your child will like to look at the beautiful pictures and listen to a magic story about little musical hose – the staff. He also will learn what the treble clef is.

Parents can help their children to get the elementary music knowledge without any experience. This book is for children from 3 to 9 years old.

Author’s Inspiration: My inspiration for writing this book was my 35 years of professional experience in teaching kid music.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: A cute musical puppy.

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This book is free 3/7-3/11.

Tatiana Bandurina


Tatiana Bandurina is from Donestsk, Ukraine. She studied and teaches music, and has invented music theory games for children.


WHERE I WRITE: My office room in my house

WHAT I LISTEN TO: All music by Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky.

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Just Evil: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: If you like romance, suspense, and MURDER as much as we do, you’re definitely gonna get caught in this awesome read.

It’s an exciting, fast-moving mystery, and it’s book one in a trilogy!

Book Description: Three Beverly Hills friends have hidden their dark pasts. Kit, Baylee, and Quinn haven’t had perfect lives and their past secrets are about to be brought back to the present.

Readers who like Nora Roberts, Lisa Jackson, or Karen Robards will like JUST EVIL.

Actors who would play the main characters: Blake Lively & Jensen Ackles.

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This book is free 3/7 – 3/8.

Vickie McKeehan


I like to write about everyday people you can root for, putting them in difficult, real life situations, and have them rise to the occasion using their wits and strong will to overcome the obstacles. And I especially want to give my readers a resolution along with a happy ending.


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Solving Religion with Logic : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Readers interested in thinking about the veracity of religions should definitely check out this book.

A great logical perspective of religion.

Book Description: Paul Kasch sets out to logically prove a religious truth. He uses scientific data and higher mathematics to prove that there is a true religion.

Readers who like Chuck Smith, Lee Strobel, or Norm Geisler will like SOLVING RELIGION WITH LOGIC.

Author’s Inspiration: The great commission to take the gospel to the world.

From the Book:  This apparent infinite scale of our physical existence is disturbing. The human mind cries out for mercy at some point, and demands a stopping point on both ends. We’ll call the estimated size of the known universe the upper size limit, and just put a wall around it and say that’s it, and refuse to speculate on the thickness of that wall, what it is made out of, or the physical properties of the nothingness beyond it.

We will call the theoretical neutrino the smallest particle and insist it is not made from any smaller parts; that it is all just one yellow round thing, all the same element, and an infinitely powerful microscope will only show it is all the same substance with no smaller parts or structure. This we do for human comfort, not from logical reasoning. The truth we wish to ignore is that there are no logical limits in scaling out for a bigger picture view, or zooming in for a closer one. It is extremely possible, perhaps even likely, that our entire universe is a neutrino in somebody else’s universe, and conversely, that our neutrino houses somebody else’s entire universe, and that this structure continues in both directions ad infinitum.

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This book is free 3/7-3/9.

Paul Kasch


Paul Kasch is an evagelical author of Christian books about the interaction of Biblical concepts and contemporary living. writes Christian Books, most of them about applying Biblical concepts to modern-day living.

The Dead Boy’s Legacy : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: While the topic is tough- child abduction- the book is a sensitive and caring read that anyone would enjoy.

A beautiful tribute to the bond between parents and children!

Book Description: This is the story of a boy gone missing, his loving family, and the predator that took him. It’s a thrilling family saga that explores the dark side of human nature.

Readers who like crime thrillers will like THE DEAD BOY’S LEGACY.


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This book is free on 3/6.

Cassius Shuman


Cassius Shuman grew up in Massachusetts to become a writer. He now lives in Los Angeles, working in the communications industry.

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