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Beginnings : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: This book has everything you could want from a YA paranormal- Suspense, Vampires, Werewolves, and a love triangle!

It’s fantastic- I think it’ll be the next big YA book like The Hunger Games or Twilight!

Book Description: Juliet LaVoe is a normal teen with a not-so-normal life. She’s in love with a vampire. What will happen when her father, Colonel Arnold LaVoe, the head of the division out to destroy vampires, learns about the secret? Will love conquer, or will justice prevail?

Readers who like Stephenie Meyer, JK Rowling, or Suzanne Collins will like  BEGINNINGS

Author’s Inspiration:  My inspiration was to make a young adult vampire romance novel with a twist. As a male author, I wanted to break free of the typical female mold and show my skills to the world. I was inspired to make a book that was funny, romantic, adventurous, and serious. You will laugh, cry, be mad, and be happy all in one series.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: I could see Bridgit Mendler or Emma Roberts playing Juliet on screen.

From the Book: “JAMES!” I yelled frantically as I ran as fast as I could to his side.
Bullets were flying everywhere as I ran towards the man I loved. He was hurt, but the soldiers didn’t care. They targeted his body as if they wanted to end his life just for being different from them. As I ran towards him, men grabbed me and held me back as my father passed me and approached James.
“Stay away from him!” I screamed.
“Honey, this is for your own good,” my father said.
“You don’t know what’s good for me!” I screamed.
“You don’t want to get mixed up with these people,” he said.
As I closed my tear-filled eyes, I remembered what James had told me earlier. He said that no matter what happened to him, he would love me forever. As my father held up his pistol, something happened. Before I tell you, let me start from the beginning.

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Logan Byrne


Logan Byrne is a student living in Northern Illinois. He’s a hopeless romantic who wrote and developed a series that will give hope to everybody out there who has ever struggled or was told they couldn’t do something.

MY FAVORITE FOOD: My favorite food has always been a tough question for me to answer. I love avocados, bacon, french fries, and eel. I love to make my own guacamole from scratch, I have to have bacon on every sandwich, I grew up with french fries, and eel is my favorite thing to get at sushi restaurants.

WHERE I WRITE: My favorite place to write is my dining room table. There is plenty of sunlight, an open space, and tons of area on the table to spread out. I usually like to write in silence, but sometimes if I am having a hard time I will turn the TV on low for the background noise. I prefer to write at night, also.

WHAT I LISTEN TO: I like all kinds of music. From 80’s hair metal, to pop punk, to rap and even country. The only kind I don’t like, however, is music with screaming in it. That isn’t my type of music at all.

MY FAVORITE SHOW: I have several favorite shows, so I can’t list just one. I am a huge WWE fan and watch it three times a week. I also love Dual Survival, Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Jersey Shore, Catfish, and Law and Order SVU. I have a wide taste in television, just like in music..

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The Mummifier’s Daughter : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: This book is an awesome blend of historical mystery, thriller, romantic suspense, and is all painted with amazingly vivid descriptions of ancient Egypy!

A fun and intriguing Egyptian historical mystery- with a twist!

Book Description: Neti-Kerty is an unusual thing in ancient Egypt because her father taught her the art of embalming and preparing bodies for mummification and burial. She is familiar with biology and anatomy, and being a bright girl she grew into an apprentice for her beloved father. Her skills drew the attention of Shabaka, a Nubian police man sent by the Pharaoh to uncover the mystery behind some dodgy things going on in the busy city of Thebes.

Readers who like John Maddox Roberts, Stephanie Dray or Ken Follett will like  THE MUMMIFIER’S DAUGHTER.

Author’s Inspiration: I’ve always been fascinated by the mystery and magic of ancient Egypt.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Megan Fox.

From the Book: Neti-Kerty and Shabaka ascended the steps leading to Thebes’s largest Per-Nefer chambers. The high-roofed building with its impressive pillared entrance, festooned with hieroglyphics honoring the gods, was divided into a series of chambers: where individual embalmers set about their work whilst training up the next generation of embalmers.
Their entrance was greeted by the familiar smell of burning spices: the smell originating from the lamps lighting the main chamber, all being filled with a herd infused oil. The smell, although overwhelming, could not completely dispel the stench of dead bodies.

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Nathaniel Burns

After three years of research and six months of writing Nathaniel Burns published his debut novel “Honour and Glory – The Battle for Saxony”, a historical novel set in the dark ages, as an Kindle ebook on in February 2013..


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Saving Ben : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: This mystery thriller has got some intriguing characters- definitely don’t miss it!

This is a page-turner that is just utterly beauitful and haunting.

Book Description:  Katherine is a college freshman, finally free from her dysfunctional family. Her psycopath roommate capture’s her brother’s heart- and Katherine must save him.

Readers who like Beautiful Disaster, Gone Girl, or Summerland will like  SAVING BEN.

Author’s Inspiration: I wrote a novel, SAVING BEN, in honor of my brother, the boy I worshipped, the man I could not save. It’s not a memoir, but a story about the special bond between siblings.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Dakota Fanning.

From the Book: When I first met Badger, in language school in El Paso, someone had already pinned that nickname on him. The wide face, high flat forehead and a nose so sharp it could have been fashioned from folded cardboard, made the nickname inevitable. His eyes were the clearest blue and his smile encompassed his entire face. Badger wasn’t tall; he owed his imposing presence to a stocky, muscular build. When I asked about his nickname, he said it had something to do with his disposition. I never questioned that, as I never questioned much of what he told me; his manner was as reassuring as a priest’s.

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Ashley Farley


Ashley lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and two teenagers.

WHERE I WRITE: I like to write on my porch by the creek.

MY FAVORITE FOOD: My favorite food is pizza, although I don’t allow myself to splurge too often.

WHAT I LISTEN TO: I love all kinds of music from Van Morrison to Pink, depending on my mood.

MY FAVORITE SHOW:Downton Abbey is my favorite television program.


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Cosmic Warriors – Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Ever wanted to go on a trip through space? We can’t wait to jump into this cosmic journey!

It’s one of a kind- spooky, mystery, action, and inspiration!

Book Description: A boy joins aliens in a galactic war. He travels to the very end of the universe. Along the way, he discovers a secret that will change how he sees himself forever.

Readers who like Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein will like  COSMIC WARRIORS.

Author’s Inspiration: Battlestar Galactica.

From the Book: She got on board her UFO and we flew to earth. Kuiella landed on a large super high way. Her spaceship was so large that it blocked all the lanes coming and going.

I said, “Dear, we cannot block the cars. This spaceship is going to cause a traffic jam… People are –“

She shot back, “I will and I can. Humans deserve to know what is going on.”

Kuiella pulled out a large mega phone and started shouting over the car horns into the massive group.

HUMANS, I have come from very far away. Another galaxy even… Reptilians will soon arrive. I will try to defend you. However, I cannot guarantee my success. Perhaps you would like to help defend Planet Earth from its enemies. We, the Gogiyan welcome you with open arms.

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This book is free 3/2-3/4.

Carlos X.


I dreamed of creating this book since I was 12 and it was my vision.

WHERE I WRITE: Starbucks cafe.

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Yoga for Beginners : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: We’ve always wanted to get into yoga, and this is the perfect way to get started! It’s perfect to introduce the novice to basic poses.

It was a simple and easy way to get started!

Book Description: This is the simplest and easiest to understand introduction to yoga out there. Basic techniques and simple poses will get you started on a path towards a healthier yoga lifestyle!

Readers who like Flat Tummy Yoga by Julie Schoen or Super Simple Yoga by Sharon Whisler will like YOGA FOR BEGINNERS.

Author’s Inspiration: The purpose for writing “Yoga For Beginners: Essential Poses For Yoga Beginners” out of a love of yoga that grew out my learning about the many benefits not only for the body but even for the mind. This led me to do everything I could to get out this information to as many people as possible.

This book outlines some basic yoga poses that anyone can try. I wanted this to be an extremely simple book which anyone can follow as the paragraphs outline the process to do the various poses. The paragraphs are followed by an illustration that makes it all easier to understand.

From the Book: Yoga is founded on three principles, meditation, breathing and exercise. The exercises are meant to augment overall health and efficiency by placing pressure on the glandular systems of the body. The body is viewed as the main tool that enables an individual to evolve and work and it must be cared for and treated with respect.

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This book is free 3/2-3/3.

Amy Gilchrist


Amy has been interested in Yoga from a young age, after learning about the benefits for the midn and body. She hopes to get the information out to as many people as possible.