The Good Lawyer : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Excitement and suspense run thoughout this legal thriller. This is sure to get your blood pumping and heart racing! 

This is a terrific story written with a fresh and unforced prospective.

Book Description: The Spiderman rapist is on the loose and an ambitious young Legal Aid Attorney tackles his biggest case ever-a teacher’s aide accused of molesting three of his students. Armed with a firm belief in his client’s innocence, he knocks the pegs out from under the prosecution’s case. When one of the children turns up dead, the young lawyer discovers that his client may be strangely connected to the Spiderman.

Readers who enjoyed The Racketeer, Defending Jacob, The Fifth Witness and Gone Girl will enjoy THE GOOD LAWYER.  

Author’s Inspiration:  As a Legal Aid Attorney in the South Bronx in 1982, I handled the grittiest of cases. These cases didn’t just include the run-of-the-mill burglaries and robberies or drug deals at a time when miles of square blocks there were leveled to rubble and burnt out buildings seemed to be everywhere. There were much more horrible crimes there. And I was…… defender of all of it.

Then a case came through the system. Headlines. No prior arrest record. Horrible crime. He could be innocent.

This is why I became a lawyer- to champion for the innocent man.

And so life set me up for the greatest fall ever. Years later I couldn’t shake what I had done, so I wrote it down and it became “The Good Lawyer.” 

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Bradley Cooper

From the Book:  My hand slipped from the doorframe and I was pulled into the apartment.

For a second my right arm was free.

I pulled Sallie’s knife from its leather calf holster. The body on top of me, with the apparent instincts of a wrestler, reached for my free hand.

He gripped my wrist, but not before I cut deep into his leg.

A massive blow thundered down on my chest; his fist, in turn, smacked the side of my head. 

Everything went dark. But I could hear. Hear my own death. Like prison doors slowly slamming shut in my head.

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Thomas Benigno


Thomas Benigno is a practicing attorney on Long Island, NY. As an actor, he has appeared in many regional productions. As producer/investor he is involved in bringing to the Broadway and London stages revivals of Sweeney Todd, Company, The Fantastiks, Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Porgy and Bess. He was producer of the Broadway show, Burn the Floor, and its US tour. As a young lawyer with Bronx Legal Aid, Thomas Benigno never lost a trial. THE GOOD LAWYER is his first novel inspired by real events while working there.

Favorite Food: My wife’s spaghetti and meat balls


Favorite Place to Write: Anywhere


Favorite Music: Sinatra


Favorite TV show: Shameless


The Devil Stood Up: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: This thought provoking horrific tale will make you rethink who heroes are when the things go really bad.

This book needs to be read by all.

Book Description: Could the Devil, Himself be our ultimate hero? This is the brutally told tale of a crime so heinous the the Devil, Himself comes to Earth to lay down a Judgement of his own.

Those who enjoyed Stephen King, Richard Laymon, and Poe will enjoy THE DEVIL STOOD UP.  

Author’s Inspiration:  I had this idea about the Devil not being evil but just doing a job–his own punishment for his own sins against God. And then I thought…what if he got tired of it?

From the Book: She liked making guys do things for her. Most of them would do something, buy her a present or take her somewhere to eat–somewhere fancy like Red Lobster or Outback. The fancy restaurants were the best, but she’d settle for anything, really, as long as the guy bought and told her she was so pretty, so awesome. She’d been having sex since she was fourteen and had known that she could get pregnant…she’d always just figured she wouldn’t because she didn’t want to.


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Christine Dougherty


Christine Dougherty is a largely reclusive writer who lives in south Jersey with two cats, one dog, and one husband. Driven to write by a mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but distracted from it by chronic migraines, Christine lives a life of conflicting impulses. A memory geared toward the dark, a deep-seated fear of the world, and an overly sensitive nature make Christine’s writing visceral and raw as she tries to write the accumulated horror of the world out of her system.

Favorite Place to Write: I like my writing room.


Favorite Music: I don’t listen to music while I write


Deadly Memories – Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Deadly Memories is a face-paced thriller that you won’t be able to put down. 

This is a page turner! I couldn’t stop reading as twists and turns kept me guessing!

Book Description: Ex-detective Saul Becker learned the hard way not to get involved in the troubles of beautiful women. But what else can he do when a barefoot, catatonic Jayne Doe turns up practically in his backyard? Who is she, and what is she so afraid of?

Those who liked Lisa Gardner, James Lee Burke, C.J. Box will enjoy DEADLY MEMORIES.  

Author’s Inspiration: I write because I have a story I can’t get out of her head, a point I’d like to make, or built-up emotions that need release. I’m happiest when all three of those come together in one narrative.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Maybe Leo DiCaprio (The Departed version, not the Titantic one)

From the Book: Saul Becker surfed the wasteland of early morning television, one of his more successful tactics for overcoming insomnia. When that didn’t work, he sat for hours in the dark, thoughts tumbling through his head like clothes in the dryer.

He’d finally achieved a kind of mental numbness he would have happily called sleep when a shrill noise brought him out of his chair. He yanked a pistol from the end table before the phone rang a second time. Feeling like an idiot, he glanced at the clock as he picked up the receiver. It was seven-thirty.


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S.D. O’Donnell


I love spicy food of any sort, listen to blues and rock, and like writing in my office, where I have all the reference books and tools I need without having to get up.

My husband and I watch many of the standard crime/detective shows together. Castle, NCIS, CSI, Bones, Elementary, and more. We couldn’t live without DVR, as we are constantly pausing to analyze the clues and discuss who-done-it.

Connect with S D:

Low Jinks on the High Seas : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Hilarity on the high seas! This book will make you laugh out loud at the crazy band of misfits thrown together on a boat.  

This was a hilarious thriller that kept you guessing in between the laughs!

Book Description: Captain Brian, a Caribbean day-sail skipper, heads into a showdown with his wife but getting in the way is a disgruntled heir, Spanish gangsters, and a dead tourist that he is expected of murdering. A literate romp in the sun and sand.

Author’s Inspiration:  Honestly can’t think of one… author and story are true originals.

From the Book: Argo, my Cheoy Lee Clipper, rode easily to her anchor, securing one flank of the flotilla of yachts that formed a loose cordon across the broad mouth of Cane Garden Bay. Shins pressed against the stern rail and T-shirt billowing like a spinnaker, I scanned an empty sea. As the eternity of my vigil numbed me, I conjured up an extravagant barge clearing the headland—an orchestra in full regalia, dancers and pageantry, pennants flying, attendants peeling and feeding grapes to the nubile deity, ensconced on a jeweled throne and attired in peacock feathers. Ha!


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Charlie Locks


Charles Locks was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he graduated from Macalester College. He subsequently studied abroad in Southeast Asia, learning the intricacies of the Browning .50 caliber machine gun. He has written and lectured on Minnesota architect Cass Gilbert and was a co-contributor to “Cass Gilbert, Life and Work, Architect of the Public Domain.” A Caribbean vacation provided the impetus for a several-year sojourn in the Virgin Islands. He survived the eternal carnival and gathered material for his novel, “Greater Trouble in the Lesser Antilles,” which won first place for commercial fiction from the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. His latest novel is “Low Jinks on the High Seas.”

Rebekka Franck Series Box Set : Free Kindle Books

Editor’s Note: We had to sleep with the lights on after reading this series – but it was so worth it! 

Very interesting, well written, and fun series. I would absolutely read anything else by this author.

Book Description: This is a box set with the three first books in Willow Rose’s series about the Danish reporter Rebekka Franck and her photographer Sune. Scandinavian mystery when it’s best.

Those who enjoy Stephen King, James Patterson, and Stieg Larsson will enjoy the REBEKKA FRANCK SERIES.  

Author’s Inspiration:  All the books in this series are inspired by well-known horror movies. The first book in the series is inspired by ‘Nightmare on Elm street’, the second is inspired by ‘Psycho’ and the third ‘The Exorcist’.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Brad Pitt. Even if it’s a female main character, it doesn’t matter. Brad Pitt could pull it off.

From the Book: Kenneth Juhlersen was indeed having a very bad day and when he went into the bathroom of room 445 and saw the blood smeared on the frosted glass in the shower, he knew it was about to get much worse.


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This book is free 4/20-4/24.

Willow Rose


Willow Rose is an international Best-selling author from Denmark and all of her books in the Rebekka Franck-series takes place in her homeland and small kingdom in Scandinavia. She has been writing books ever since she was a young child and used to entertain her fellow classmates with stories making them forget they were about to go outside for recess. She loves to spellbind her audience and make them shiver in fear and delight. She writes everything from Mystery/Suspense/Horror to Paranormal Romance and fantasy.

Favorite Food: Seafood.


Favorite Place to Write: My bedroom while drinking tea.


Favorite Music: Florence and the Machine.

Connect with Willow:

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