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50 Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew: The Best Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Motivation, Lose Weight, Get In Shape, And Stay Healthy : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: This book will provide cutting edge health hacks to reprogram your body and mind.  

Its a goldmind of fitness tips and facinating new ideas!

Book Description: 50 Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew is collection of the best tips and strategies developed from over nine years of research and experimentation for hacking the mind and body for more motivation, better health, and a leaner body – which can be done without needing a lot of time, money, or willpower. 


Author’s Inspiration:  With all the unique tricks and insights I’ve discovered over 9 years of research, I wish I could have gone back and given myself one simple book with everything all laid out for me. I decided to write the book with the best of the best health, fitness, and motivation tips I’ve discovered through the years.

From the Book: Everything you do, healthy or not, stems from the fact that psychologically it is meeting one of your six human needs.  Those needs are certainty/security, variety/excitement, love/connection, significance/control, growth, and contribution.  Meet these needs and feel pleasure.  Don’t meet them and feel pain.  The reason why it’s hard for people to give up their favorite foods and old habits is because those habits meet one or more of those six human needs.  That means if you want to get more motivated to do something else like eat healthier and exercise, you’ll need to mentally connect the dots of how those new behaviors (and the outcomes like a more fit body) will also satisfy those emotional needs to an equal or greater extent. 

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This book is free 3/15-3/19.

Derek Doepker


I’m passionate about sharing the insights that have had the most profound impact in my own life. The life changing lessons from psychology or herbal medicine combined with the tips I’ve picked up for the world’s most elite personal trainers make for a very eclectic body of knowledge. I realized that the simplest way to help the most amount of people would be to start writing and sharing my knowledge.

What is your favorite food, place to write, music to listen to, TV show?: As a guitar player, I love rock music. But I’m also a big fan of dance music. When I take breaks during my writing, I usually put on headphones and dance for 5 minutes to keep my body and mind energized.


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Goodbye Junie Moon: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Head back to the Vietnam war for this cool story about a whistle-blowing talent agent!

There are plenty of books out there about the war in Vietnam, but few tell the story like this one.

Book Description: This memoir reads like fiction but all is verified by newspapers and magazines. Theres romance, adventure, sex, and corruption. The author experiences the lot before she blows the whistle on a get-rich-quick scheme operated by the sergeants managing the military clubs during the Vietnam War.

Readers who like War Torn; Stories of War from the Women Reporters Who Covered Vietnam, Outlaw Platoon by Sean Parnell, or Cherries by John Podlaski will like GOODBYE JUNIE MOON

Author’s Inspiration: Robin Moore and I wrote a fictionalized story about these events called The Khaki Mafia.
I wanted to write the exact truth of this story that made world headlines during the war in Vietnam.

Actor who would play the Main Character: Jessica Biele would play the central role to perfection.

From the Book: The following day, Duffy told me they had finished their investigation and were returning to Washington to begin arranging Senate Hearings into the corruption.
 “You are going to be our star witness. Just continue to lie low until we send for you,” Fred added.
     I frowned. “I don’t know how I will get safely through the airport; $5000 is a hell of a high price to have on my head. A PFC’s (private first class) pay is only $400 a month and there are dozens of desperate deserters out there who would kill their own mother for five thousand.”
     “ We’ve already spoken to the head of the Special Forces Intel Group and they swear their men can get you safely through the airport and onto a plane.” I wasn’t convinced.

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This book is free 3/9-3/10.

June Collins


June Collins has had a varied career as a magician’s assistant, a jazz dancer, an exotic dancer, a talent booking agent, a club owner, a TV talk-show host(ess), and an author. After marrying an Alaskan I managed a trucking company servicing the Alyeska pipeline in Alaska and later, I cooked for the twelve man crew on my husbands crab fishing vessel in The Bering Sea. Finally settling down, my husband and I adopted six children from Korea, India, Columbia and the U.S. Their ages ranged from three to thirteen.

MY FAVORITE FOOD: My family is multi-national, therefore I enjoy all ethnic food.

WHAT I LISTEN TO: Music and reading are my great loves and I enjoy jazz and blues and C&W.

MY FAVORITE SHOW: I love the humor of English TV comedies and Special Victims SVU of American shows.

WHERE I WRITE: I write in the wee hours of the morning, before the sun rises. After that, I’m too busy.



Connect with June:

The Blogger Abides – Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: This is a practical, but entertaining, guide for anyone interested in a freelance lifestyle.

A great guide that I’ll be referencing forever- he’s definitely your friend in the freelance industry.

Book Description: I’m a full-time freelance writer, with stories on This American Life, a daily column for Mental Floss, and I’ve contributed to The Atlantic, among many other publications. So how do writers like me get started? How do they get paid? In The Blogger Abides, I tell you everything I’ve learned along the road from blogger-as-side-job to full-time freelancer.

Readers who like APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, On Writing by Stephen King, or The War of Art will like THE BLOGGER ABIDES.

Author’s Inspiration:  When I wrote my first This American Life piece, I talked to some authors who were about five years ahead of me in their writing careers. What they told me was far more valuable than what veteran writers (like Stephen King) could tell me; these writers had just solved the problems I was facing, including dumb stuff like how to pay my taxes. After I’d been a freelancer for five years, I discovered that new writers were coming to me for tips — so I wrote a book.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Philip Seymour Hoffman.

From the Book: So let’s face it: you want to be a professional writer. You want to have a business card that says “Professional Writer” and you want to pay your income taxes every quarter, unlike those poor slobs who file once a year while punching a clock at the widget factory, waiting to die without any publication credits to their names? Your parents will not like your new job, but at least you’ll get to tell people at parties “I’m a writer” and not be a total poseur. (Be prepared for the next question: “So what kind of stuff do you write?” If you don’t have a really good answer, you’ll seem like a total poseur.)

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This book is free on 3/8.

Chris Higgins


Chris Higgins has been writing for national magazines since the age of 12. His first cover story was called “The Care and Feeding of Fancy Guppies,” and since then he has largely avoided writing about fish — the A.P. dubbed him “The Guppy Guru” and my classmates never forgot it.

MY FAVORITE FOOD: I’m addicted to cashews, especially after I learned that they grow out of “cashew apples,” making the cashew technically a seed, rather than a nut (nerd alert!).

WHAT I LISTEN TO: I listen to the Pixies and Philip Glass when I write.

MY FAVORITE SHOWS: I watch a lot of West Wing and LOST.

WHERE I WRITE: My favorite place to write is my back porch in Portland, Oregon. It’s green and it’s always drizzling.


Connect with Chris:

SEO for Content Writers and PR Pros : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: If you write anything on the web, you’ll get a lot out of this book! It’s a how-to guide for maximizing SEO, getting your website more traffic- who wouldn’t want that?!

This great guide really helped me get a grip on SEO!

Book Description: Writers want their words to find readers. This ebook offers a step by step guide to SEO and online marketing techniques especially for writers of all kinds.

Readers who like SEO Made Simple by Michael H. Fleischner, SEO 2013 and Beyond by Dr Andy Williams, or Optimise by Lee Odden will like SEO FOR CONTENT WRITERS & PR PROS.

Author’s Inspiration: After working with a range of public relations, content and fiction writers over the years, I wanted to write a guide to SEO and web marketing that was specifically focused on connecting individual articles, stories, blogposts and content with an intended audience.

From the Book:  We know PR professionals are great at creating fantastic content; we read it daily on companies’ website blogs and on social media platforms. But it’s not just about creating great content – it’s also about creating the right content based on solid research and using SEO strategies within that content to reach and engage the target market.

Get the Free Kindle eBook Now ➤

This book is free 3/7-3/8.

Phil Byrne


Phil is a self described “location independent” web marketeer currently working and living from various locations around the globe. Some people think that means I sit on the beach with my smart phone! Occasionally I do, but more regularly you’ll find me helping others find their voice and market online armed with a well made coffee and a smile. I write ebooks because I enjoy helping others utilise the many wonders of the web to enhance both their professional and personal lives.

MY FAVORITE THINGS: I adore great stories, wonderful songs, almost constant travel and my faithful dog.


Connect with Phil:

Busy Mom’s Guide to Stree Free Organization : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: We know how busy it is to be a mom. Sometimes, just being organized can make your whole life easier!

A helpful guide to keep me organized!

Book Description: Being a busy mom is stressful and time consuming. Keeping a clean and decluttered home can be next to impossible. This book looks to teach you how you can have a clean and clutter free home without sacrificing too much time.

Readers who like Martha Stewart will like BUSY MOM’S GUIDE TO STRESS FREE ORGANIZATION.

Author’s Inspiration:  As a busy mom I needed to keep my home clean but I had only a short amount of time. These are my tested and true methods that will help you keep a clutter free home.


Get the Free Kindle eBook Now ➤

This book is free on 3/7.

Solving Religion with Logic : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Readers interested in thinking about the veracity of religions should definitely check out this book.

A great logical perspective of religion.

Book Description: Paul Kasch sets out to logically prove a religious truth. He uses scientific data and higher mathematics to prove that there is a true religion.

Readers who like Chuck Smith, Lee Strobel, or Norm Geisler will like SOLVING RELIGION WITH LOGIC.

Author’s Inspiration: The great commission to take the gospel to the world.

From the Book:  This apparent infinite scale of our physical existence is disturbing. The human mind cries out for mercy at some point, and demands a stopping point on both ends. We’ll call the estimated size of the known universe the upper size limit, and just put a wall around it and say that’s it, and refuse to speculate on the thickness of that wall, what it is made out of, or the physical properties of the nothingness beyond it.

We will call the theoretical neutrino the smallest particle and insist it is not made from any smaller parts; that it is all just one yellow round thing, all the same element, and an infinitely powerful microscope will only show it is all the same substance with no smaller parts or structure. This we do for human comfort, not from logical reasoning. The truth we wish to ignore is that there are no logical limits in scaling out for a bigger picture view, or zooming in for a closer one. It is extremely possible, perhaps even likely, that our entire universe is a neutrino in somebody else’s universe, and conversely, that our neutrino houses somebody else’s entire universe, and that this structure continues in both directions ad infinitum.

Get the Free Kindle eBook Now ➤

This book is free 3/7-3/9.

Paul Kasch


Paul Kasch is an evagelical author of Christian books about the interaction of Biblical concepts and contemporary living. writes Christian Books, most of them about applying Biblical concepts to modern-day living.

Survival 101: The Essential Guide to Saving Your Own Life in a Disaster (Free Kindle eBook)

Editor’s Note: We can’t believe how much of the stuff in this book is totally new to us- starting a fire, rationing, how to deal with medical issues, and more! Picking this one up is a smart move to make sure you’re prepared for the worst.

A great starter guide to help you get prepared for a disaster, packed full of information!

Book Description: In the even of an emergency, do you know how to keep yourself and everyone else calm? This is a great intro guide to get readers familiar with the most important survival techniques.

Readers who like Survivorman or Bear Grylls will like SURVIVAL 101.

Get the Free Kindle eBook Now ➤

This book is free 3/5 – 3/6.

Marcus Duke


As the author of Survival 101: The Essential Guide to Saving Your Own Life, and upcoming release The Practical Prepper, Marcus Duke believes that everyone should take the time to be properly prepared in the event of a disaster. In fact, he’s dedicated his life to educating people that there are simple, easy and affordable ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. In the event of a major catastrophe, having basic survival knowledge is an absolute must. Learn more by visiting the Duke Survival website.



How to Write a Perfect Resume: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: If you’re currently looking for a job, we wish you the best. Grab this free ebook to make sure your resume is top notch so that you can get a job more quickly!

Focuses intently on writing customized resumes, one of the first “secrets” of a successful job search.

Book Description:
Learn how to create customized resumes that get noticed and get you interviews.

Author’s Inspiration:  I was unemployed for 2 years because I did not realize job search had changed since 2009. After months of research, I uncovered the “secrets” of job search and then received 4 executive-level job offers in less than 60 days. After intensive positive testing with other job searchers, I knew that these “secrets”of job search could help anyone. “How to Write a Perfect Resume” is one of the primary “secrets.” It helps candidates create customized resumes (and templates) that company decision-makers and Applicant Tracking Systems quickly and positively respond to with invitations to interview. Who would play your main character in the movie version of your book? : mid level professionals and managers who suddenly find themselves without a job.

From the book: You want results from a resume and the resume reader wants results. So, it’s a matter of giving the reader what he/she wants. Is this going to be easy? Yes, after you have a template that you can use for each and every job you submit yourself to. But, first you have to do some preparation before resume creation becomes easier. What’s even better? You know that your resume will get the attention it deserves. It’s important to note that the days of blindly submitting resumes to each and every job you come across are gone. You now must be at least 90% qualified for each and every job you submit your resume to. Otherwise; your resume is trashed. Guess who’s to blame for this? Read on….

Get the Free Kindle eBook Now ➤

This book is free 3/5 – 3/9.


Karol Zerr


Karol pounds out her creations on her laptop when she is not busy with coaching clients. She enjoys seafood and, of course, Mexican food – which is an absolute necessity in Texas. Her favorite thing to do is be near or in the water and reading.


Connect with Karol:

How to Kitesurf: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Whenever we go to the beach, we’re in awe of the kitesurfers soaring above the waves. If you’re interested in learning about the sport, grab this book!

A clear and concise read on a fun watersport!

Book Description:
This ebook is a great read for people that want to learn about Kite Surfing and Kite Boarding. If you’re new to the sport, read this before you take your first lesson!

From the Book:

*Why you need to learn the Fundamentals before going out on your own

*Weather Conditions and how to Read the Weather

*How to Set Up, Tune and Maintain your gear

*Local Kite Zones and the Proper Etiquette including Right-of-Way

*Wind Window and how to harness the Power Zones and Neutral Zones

Get the Free Kindle eBook Now ➤

This book is free 3/4-3/5.

Shawn Tieskotter


Shawn Tieskotter has traveled the World (26 countries and every US state) in search of the sang-froid of outdoor sports and has landed on this amazing and highly addictive adrenaline filled extreme sport. He has been kiting on land, sand, water and snow since 2005 and has Team Riders who win tournaments, are featured in National & International Magazines and who are sponsored by major kite brands.


Connect with Shawn:

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