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The Blueprint: Free Kindle Book

A Bold, Brutally Honest, and Unapologetic Portrait of Planetary Survival.

As the effects of global warming continue to mount, author Daniel Rirdan cuts through the partisan arguments and misleading reports to offer a thorough, sensical plan to help save our ailing planet. 

Rirdan’s book is a roadmap for the future, with suggestions for changes on both the personal and institutional levels. 

His work is backed by peer-reviewed studies from some of the world’s top scientific experts. The plans outlined by Rirdan are straightforward and sweeping. He calls for immediate changes in many aspects of the way we live and work, but it’s clear that the changes will ensure the integrity of our planet for future generations.

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Daniel Rirdan

Strategist and entrepreneur Daniel Rirdan has spent years giving lectures about the health of our planet. Rirdan has dedicated his life to studying global ecology and coming up with attainable solutions to our environmental problems. 

After spending his youth in Israel and traveling around the world, Rirdan has settled in Colorado with his wife and kids. 

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Shakti – Free Kindle Book

Understanding the one little secret: “Success is a result of feeling good and not the other way round”

Discovering the powerful life force within you can be the most liberating experience you may ever have. How to find and align yourself with this remarkable energy is clearly shown in this illuminating life-changing book.

Learn revealing secrets on how to effectively harness this astounding life force within yourself. See how this encompassing force can help you achieve a vital new outlook and attitude that will always serve you well in every aspect. Once you absorb and use the message in this genuinely important book, a new and dynamic sector of your life will began.

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Sri Vishwanath


Sri Vishwanath is the author of eleven popular and bestselling transformational books including “No-Nonsense Meditation, Seven Spiritual Strategies, The Secret of Bhagavad Gita, Give Up Your Excess Baggage and Zero Effort. He is the founder of Soul Power Magic which distributes innovative and inspirational material aimed at making the world abundant peaceful and stress free.His latest book “Seven Spiritual Strategies- How The ENlightenment Code Can Change Your Life” is considered a game changer in the spiritual field. To book him for speaking engagements,for bulk/gift sales or simply to say hi to him contact him via email at vish@soulpowermagic.com.

Organic Gardening Beginners Manual – Free Kindle Book

Easy to read, step by step instructions- it gets two ‘green’ thumbs up!

This fantastic guide has everything you need to create and enjoy a bountiful organic garden. 

This manual outlines the benefits of not only eating organic produce, but also of growing your own food. It also provides clear, straightforward instructions on choosing what plants to grow and how to care for them.

Improve your health, save money and discover the fun and fulfillment of growing nutritious and tasty fruits in vegetables in your own backyard.

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Underdog – Free Kindle book

A driving, graphic narrative that somehow finds the humanity in this most inhuman setting

In this electrifying memoir, author Glenn Langohr takes readers inside the California Prison System. Langohr recalls his own time in that prison system with raw honesty. 

Langohr details the violent power struggles that occur between the members of various gangs and drug cartels, complete with explosive riots that carry dire consequences. He also recounts the lengths prisoners take to defy the merciless guards, who at times are indistinguishable from the murderous inmates.

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Glenn Langohr 

Glenn Langohr lives in southern California where he spends his time doing what he loves best, reading and writing. He began writing whle in prison for drug charges and hasn’t stopped since. Glenn is an active member of his church and volunteers with prisoners to help them turn their lives around. Glenn is married to his dream girl, Sanette, who plays Annette in one of his novels.

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The Chesapeake – Free Kindle Book

Great local history and modern tales of the Chesapeake!

Join the writers of The Chesapeake for close up look at the tidewater region of Maryland. Fun, fishing and nonsense prevails in this collection of nearly sixty short stories.  

Excellent advise on fishing includes such tales as Long Gone Sturgeon and Serendipity Serenade.  Letter from Point Lookout Hotel and the true life adventures of famed WWII Naval Aviator Jack Rue are included in this wonderful book. Fred McCoy and Stephen Gore Uhler relate life growing up on farms in the rural backwoods of Southern Maryland.

Stills, moonshine and slot machines, this book has it all.


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Ken Rossignol, Larry Jarboe


Rossignol founded The Chesapeake and the Solomon’s Islander in 1988. Both publications were suspended in 1990 for the advent of the weekly tabloid ST. MARY’S TODAY. In 2010, The Chesapeake was brought back to life and the newspaper St. Mary’s Today was sold. Now the best of the Chesapeake and the Solomon’s Islander are being brought back to life along with dozens of brand new fishing tales and other nonsense from around the Chesapeake Bay region and elsewhere, like St. Croix and the Florida Keys! 

Larry Jarboe regularly penned articles on common sense in government, and conservation and clean energy issues for 20 years on a weekly basis in ST. MARY’S TODAY newspaper.  He currently writes on a variety of fishing, boating, and travel topics as well as energy innovation in THE CHESAPEAKE and is the editor of the publication. Larry’s expertise on luring fish onto his line includes serenades and lullabies along with renewable bait such as grass shrimp. Larry also perfected the art of snorklefishing which was so effective it was outlawed.  Look for Jarboe’s new book: FISHY DEALS!



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Yen Path – Free Kindle Book

A holistic approach that blends yoga techniques with life coaching fundamentals.

Yen Path is an inspirational and holistic guide that helps readers find the motivation needed to make real and positive changes to their lives.

Acclaimed wellness coach and yoga teacher Jenny Gallagher provides new insight and tools that can help you be healthier, happier and whole. Achieve spiritual, physical and emotional balance using Jenny’s proven methods. 

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This book is free 6/17-6/18.

Jenny Gallagher

Jenny Gallagher is a world-renowned life coach and yoga instructor. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years and has also dedicated her adult life to research and education in the area of self-development and wellness.


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