How to Overcome Fears, Build Self-Esteem and Succeed in Life: 99 Clever Tips for Everyone, Even the Fearless- Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Move past your fears and onto greater success in HOW TO OVER COME FEARS, BUILD SELF-ESTEEM AND SUCCEED IN LIFE! 

Book Description: Fear is something that affects all of us- but it shouldn’t cripple you! This eBook gives you the tools and guidance to help you learn to crush your fears. Often, people focus on the certain things in life that they should be fearful of- dying, failure, poor health, etc. This book seeks to help you focus the positives in life- health, relationships, fulfilling work, etc.

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I see life through the lens of passion and compassion; promise and compromise; happiness; and unwearied altruism. We all have an inner passion – so why not use it, enhance it, modify it, channel it while we are here on Earth? As an author, philosopher and life coach, I write books that inspire, motivate and teach you how to reconnect with your inner energy and ignite your outer potential. These days, I wake up each morning to the sweet, hopeful music of life, and sleep to the adorable, buoyant melody of tomorrow – living one day at the time, enjoying simple moments, appreciating the chance to exist, and feeling grateful for the serendipity of human love.

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  1. It’s not free. It’s $6.52. 🙁

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