Must Have Cookbooks for Foodies

Cookbooks are a great way to facilitate one’s love of food. With a variety of recipes, they provide the necessary tools to discover new meals, regardless of what your diet may be. However, not all cookbooks are made the same. There are plenty of different types to choose from, each with its own unique function and purpose. Whether you’re new to cooking or a seasoned pro, this list of must-have foodie cookbooks will guide you to your next culinary adventure!

What is a Foodie?

There are many different definitions for this term. Some people define foodies as passionate cooks that spend hours in the kitchen perfecting their favorite dishes. Others believe that being a “foodie” means being an activist for sustainable farming practices, cooking with fresh produce, and locavorism. Maybe, a foodie is just someone who appreciates exploring unique and unconventional foods.

Whatever your definition of a “foodie” may be, one thing is for certain: foodies love to eat!

Five Ingredient Cookbook by Hannah Abedikichi

1. Five Ingredient Cookbook

by Hannah Abedikichi

Hannah Abedikichi, formerly known as Hannie P. Scott, is a bestselling author and blogger who has been creating recipe books since 2014. The mother of two knows how important it is to have access to simple, healthy, and delicious meals, and this is reflected in both her books and her blog!

The goal of Hannah’s Five Ingredient Cookbook is to provide readers with a guide to create mouth-watering dishes for friends and family, that are not complicated or require obscure, hard-to-find ingredients. She believes that cooking should be therapeutic; if it is not, then why do it at all? Every recipe in the book only requires 5 ingredients or less and will be sure to be nourishing and delicious for all. Recipes include, but are not limited to, chicken and waffles sliders, eggs in a nest, chicken cordon bleu, and so much more!

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Instant Pot Cookbook by Monet Chapin

2. Instant Pot Cookbook

by Monet Chapin

Pressure cookers are extremely versatile appliances that can be used for a wide variety of cooking methods. Not only are they extremely convenient to use, but they also preserve nutrients while helping your food taste better. As versatile kitchen appliances, pressure cookers have become an integral part of the kitchen, making it no surprise that a variety of cookbooks dedicated to pressure cooker recipes have surfaced.

Whether you have owned an instapot for years or are just starting to familiarize yourself with the appliance, the Instant Pot Cookbook has everything you need to cook, steam, and even bake your way through every meal! This book covers many different types of instant pots, including their different features and how to use them. Additionally, the author discusses safety practices for using an instant pot, while providing 101 delicious and healthy recipes!

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Black Food by Bryant Terry

3. Black Food

by Bryant Terry

Bryant Terry, African American vegan chef, food justice activist, and bestselling author takes readers on a journey of food, experience, and community with his book Black Food. Terry captures the diverse voices of African Diaspora through food. With contributions from more than 100 Black cultural luminaries around the globe, this book moves through chapters exploring parts of their experience – such as Homeland to Migration and Spirituality to Black Future – offering delicious recipes along with moving essays and arresting artwork from such notables as Black Panther Party creative director Emory Douglas, Sarah Ladipo Manyika, Zoe Adjonyoh, Leah Penniman and many more. The book also features a signature musical playlist curated by Bryant.

The book’s recipes include a mixture of sentimental favorites like Sweet Potato Pie from Jenné Claiborne and Okra & Shrimp Purloo from BJ Dennis alongside fresh new takes like Jerk Chicken Ramen from Suzanne Barr.

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The Homemade Vegan Pantry by Miyoko Schinner

4. The Homemade Vegan Pantry

by Miyoko Schinner

Veganism is becoming increasingly popular. This might be because people are becoming more aware of the environmental and ethical benefits of plant-based eating, or they might just really like tasty food. Regardless of why people are eating vegan, they’ll need some help along the way. Going vegan isn’t easy. It can be difficult to find vegan restaurants in your area, you may struggle to find ingredients at the grocery store, and it’s hard to know how to cook for yourself when you’ve grown up on meat and dairy. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there that will help you with anything from cooking vegan versions of your favorite dishes to finding new recipes to try!

Miyoko Schinner has been following a vegan diet for over 30 years, so if there is anyone who could be considered an expert on vegan recipes and staples, it’s her. With vegan staples and specialty foods often being over-processed and over-packaged in stores, learning to make your own vegan staples has never been more important. The Homemade Vegan Pantry is the perfect guide with clear and easy-to-follow steps that require no special equipment. From recipes for ice cream to pizza dough, to pasta and more, this book provides recipes that are full of flavor, lighter, and healthier! You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy these hand-crafted recipes.

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The French Laundry Cookbook by Thomas Keller & Deborah Jones

5. The French Laundry Cookbook

by Thomas Keller & Deborah Jones 

Most days we want recipes that are simple to make and taste great. But sometimes we may be in the mood for something even better. Perhaps you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or maybe you just want to enjoy good food and company. Regardless of the reason, a gourmet meal is the answer! A gourmet food experience is all about the taste and presentation. It’s about the inspiration, the innovation, and the high-quality ingredients that take a dish from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s about waking up your senses through taste, smell, sight, and touch.

Since 2007, the Michelin Guide has awarded The French Laundry their highest rating of three stars, making Chef Thomas Keller the only American-born chef to have two three-starred Michelin restaurants. It’s no wonder that after the restaurant’s twenty-five-year anniversary, foodies all around the world are delighted to have access to Thomas Keller’s series of small, impeccable, highly refined, intensely focused courses. From innovative soup techniques to secrets of great fish cookery, from beurre monté to foie gras au torchon – this book will guide foodies through some of the most unique and extraordinary dishes, from the comfort of their own kitchen!

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