Driving Cross-Country and Perilous Journeys: Free Literary Fiction eBooks

Spitting Image on Kindle

Spitting Image by Harmony Reed: When Everett Reyes loses his adoptive mother, he feels like he’s losing everything. All he has left is a failing cafe, a rattletrap car, and an ex-wife he can’t stop fighting with. So when he discovers he has a long lost twin brother, he decides to drive across the country to surprise him on their shared birthday. What could possibly go wrong?

This book is Free on June 11, 2022

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So Long Soleá on Kindle

So Long Soleá by Andrew Dambe: A laugh-out-loud tale about finding romance through the internet. Follow the perilous journey of middle-aged Zach as he sets out to find love through a dating site: a moving, funny story filled with mystery and suspense.

This book is Free on June 11, 2022


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