Mysterious Connections and Sweet Revenge: Free Young Adult eBooks

Always the New Girl on Kindle

Always the New Girl by Kelly Vincent: After Sarah Redmond gets humiliated at a party, she finds a creative way to use her expertise in knitting to exact sweet revenge. This leads to a lucrative business, and everything seems on track. But when her deadbeat dad comes to town, Sarah starts to wonder if her rather indifferent approach to planning out her life is the right one.

This book is Free on July 12, 2022

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Of the Wing: An Odd Bird, The Hawk's Message, The Shining Swan on Kindle

Of the Wing: An Odd Bird, The Hawk’s Message, The Shining Swan by P.K. Butler: Follow 11-year-old Claire and her friend Victor on a mystical journey through the woodlands of Pennsylvania, the bayous of Arkansas, and the hills and lakes of Ireland to discover the meaning behind her mysterious connection to birds. As described by Kirkus Reviews, this is a “story combining ecological awareness with mysticism.”

This book is Free on July 12, 2022


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