Good Deeds and Identifying Yourself: Free Religion eBooks

Introducing A Christian on Kindle

Introducing A Christian by Blake Western: Our identity determines our behavior. Christians can identify themselves in several ways. We are servants of Christ, believers in Christ, followers of Christ, saints, priests, grace billionaires, and much more. This book discusses some of the ways that we can identify ourselves.

This book is Free on October 5, 2022


Discovering the Qur'an on Kindle

Discovering the Qur’an by Steven Colborne: God is most merciful to those who repent, worship Him alone, and do good deeds. This is the message of the Qur’an. But the beauty and truth of the Qur’an came as a surprise to Steven Colborne, who used to be a devout Christian, believing in the eternality and divine nature of Jesus Christ. Find out how discovering the Qur’an changed his beliefs.

This book is Free on October 5, 2022

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