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The Reign of the Occult on Kindle

The Reign of the Occult by Lauren Louise Hazel: Across three richly detailed worlds, Prue, her non-magical half-brother Everett, and all Magic Users, fight to survive the onslaught of the Occult and the Underworld. This first, and terrifying, journey is a test of friendship, a new take on sibling rivalry and an exploration of all forms of love.

This book is Free on November 11, 2022


Hollow Wishes (Haunted Halls: Winter's Cavern Book 1) on Kindle

Hollow Wishes (Haunted Halls: Winter’s Cavern Book 1) by Juliet Vane: Her best friend is a ghost, and she’s going to need his help to solve a ghastly mystery, find a hidden treasure, and embrace the romance that’s been right beneath her fingertips all along.

This book is Free on November 11, 2022

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