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Fade to Black (The Mallet Book 1) on Kindle

Fade to Black (The Mallet Book 1) by P A Wilson: Detective Sofie Allen believes anarchy is only a scandal away. With lucrative crime lurking around every gangway of the elite-ruled space station, closing cases requires a delicate balance of politics and justice. But she sees the local power equilibrium shifting dangerously when the head of a ruling family is brutally murdered.

This book is Free on November 12, 2022


Apparently, I'm the Infamous Earl's Legendary Bride on Kindle

Apparently, I’m the Infamous Earl’s Legendary Bride by Alexia S. Praks: What’s a girl to do when she finds herself in a medieval-like world of magic and monsters and is forced to wed an infamous earl? Marries the hunky warrior, of course! Plus saves his citizens, feeds them detectable food, and builds a grand kingdom in the process.

This book is Free on November 12, 2022

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