Insightful Examinations and Avoiding the Past: Free Literary Fiction eBooks

The Vice (Versions of Me Book 1) on Kindle

The Vice (Versions of Me Book 1) by Jennifer R. Jensen: Harper’s unhealthy coping mechanisms of meaningless sex and excessive drinking are starting to catch up to her — as is her avoidance of the past. But a sudden chain of events leads her to face the traumas she has been trying to keep buried, with the vice that has kept her numb.

This book is Free on April 27, 2023

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Better Days on Kindle

Better Days by Len Joy: He was once a hometown hero. Now his partner’s gone missing and the FBI wants someone to pay. Does he betray his lifelong friend to save himself? US Reviews says Joy’s storytelling prowess is exceptional. Better Days is an insightful examination of friendship that sticks with you.

This book is Free on April 27, 2023


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