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Gray World on Kindle

Gray World by A. R. Howard: In the heart of Michigan summers, Addie indulges in the idyllic shores of the lake with her beloved friends. But a twist of fate on a perfect summer day leads to a chilling discovery that shatters their world. Trapped in a government-issued quarantine, they realize that rescue isn’t coming. Survival becomes their only option as they venture into a new reality they never could have imagined.

This book is Free on September 8, 2023


Maternal Instincts (Wrathstone Book 1) on Kindle

Maternal Instincts (Wrathstone Book 1) by Steven Sterup Jr.: Monsters such as werewolves and vampires are a part of everyday life for Andrew. Although he has been tested with everything imaginable and registers as human, he never felt like he truly belonged. When the demon who murdered his father returns to try and help him, he thinks he might have finally found the answer.

This book is Free on September 8, 2023

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