Multiple Universes and Faith-Based Poetry: Free Religion eBooks

Your Words Your Heart on Kindle

Your Words Your Heart by Louise Bélanger: Beautiful imageries painted with words and brimming with gorgeous photographs. Petals like hearts are subject to frost. A change in the wind… An excerpt from this wonderful new collection. Uplifting faith-based poetry with spring and summer photographs of magnificent flowers and gardens taken by the author.

This book is Free on December 26, 2023


Ri Conquers the Multiverse on Kindle

Ri Conquers the Multiverse by Reed S Hansen: Do we live in a multiverse? At birth, we come to this earth down a tunnel. We return, at death, through a tunnel. God and angels live in other nearby universes, and faith affects events across universes. Follow Ri as he works across multiple universes to maximize his potential, find a mate, and withstand his over-zealous dog love.

This book is Free on December 26, 2023

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