Painful Searches and Solo Swims: Free Literary Fiction eBooks

Chip Rock and the Catalina Kid on Kindle

Chip Rock and the Catalina Kid by Michael Daswick: An underdog strives for heroism. A flailing orphan-turned-burger-artist attempts the daring 27-mile solo swim across the channel to Catalina Island. His daring, drama and passion infect his friends, his stunning young coach, and the dreary SoCal coastal town of No Palms. Heroism rests in all of us; or does it? Suspenseful follow-up to FAT OLD FART.

This book is Free on February 9, 2024

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Eden on Kindle

Eden by Linda Naseem: I was once a flower child and I was once in love. My Harv returned from Vietnam in a flag-draped coffin. But it wasn’t his body lying in there and I knew he was still alive. I was going to find him if it took the rest of my life. I couldn’t know what a web of lies and secrets I would uncover or how painful the search would be. Or how it would end.

This book is Free on February 9, 2024


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