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With my other promotions I’m already at #12 and with yours I’m sure to hit #1. This will be the third time your promotions have launched one of my books to the top of the free store. Thank you! 

Testimonial Jeff Bennington
Jeff Bennington
The #1 bestselling author of REUNION


Freebooksy is a cut above the other listing sites for your e-Book promotions. Lots of sites simply send a daily list, but Freebooksy gives your book a special push, adding just the right amount of editorial color to make your book stand out. Plus their site and their emails just look better and grab your attention in a cool, fun way. So many generic sites offer these daily listings, but I always think of Freebooksy first. They add something extra, they care, and it shows. And sells.

Testimonial Don Winston
Don Winston
bestselling author of S'WANEE


I’ve used Freebooksy several times and have always found them to be excellent to deal with – professional, responsive and knowledgeable. The ads have also led to a noticeable spike in sales and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Testimonial Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson
#1 bestselling author of THE BLACK MILE


I just HAVE to share the good news: November Echo hit #1 on the Amazon Kindle charts (espionage thrillers). You helped me do this. Seriously. We were dancing on the ceiling last night. THANK YOU for helping make the dream come true.

Testimonial James Houston Turner
James Houston Turner
#1 bestselling author of November Echo



I ran a promotional for my New Adult Contemporary Romance called Broken. It was free only for one day.  I wasn’t sure what to  expect – I would have been happy with a thousand downloads for the day. Imagine my surprise when I got 1,000 downloads – by noon that day! I ended up with 7200 downloads for the day. Better still, I got 100 paid sales in the 24 hours after the promotional, at the full price of $2.99! My Facebook page blew up, and so did my mailing list.

Testimonial Annie Jocoby
Annie Jocoby
author of Broken


“There are so many carbon copy sites offering to promote your eBook today that it was refreshing when I came across Freebooksy (it was highly recommended by a reputable author). They customize the presentation of your book on their site so it maximizes the reader/download interest. They also are very responsive to customer service requests, which is huge for me since I’m a first time author and this is all discovery. Best of all, they produce results. My US downloads passed 6500 on day two and I was only featured here and one smaller site, along with some minimal social networking efforts. This had a huge impact on my paid sales for the weeks after my promotion ended. Thank you Freebooksy.”

— Timothy Holsten, author of The Accidental Bachelor

“This is by far the most effective advertising platform for books including platforms such as Facebook and Goodreads.”

— Christina Ames

“I had my best free promotion ever thanks to your site!”

Landon Porter, author of the Rune Breaker series


How do I buy a Freebooksy Feature?

To buy a Freebooksy Feature please click here. You can purchase with your Paypal account or with a credit card.

What is your editorial criteria?

We are looking for books that are well-written, well-formatted and interesting to our readers. We prefer books to have Amazon reviews and professionally designed covers.

What if I pay for a Freebooksy Feature and my book does not meet your editorial criteria? 

If you purchase a Freebooksy Feature and after reviewing your book we find it does not meet our criteria, we will refund your purchase within 5 business days.

How soon will I know if my book has been accepted for a Freebooksy Feature?

We will let you know within two business days of your payment whether your book has met our editorial criteria and when it will be featured.

What happens if I purchase a Freebooksy Feature and then I change the date of my free promotion? 

We will do our best to change the date of your Freebooksy Feature if your promotional dates change, however we cannot guarantee that we will be able to feature your book on the new date.

Why do you ask for a few lines of original book description?

As a rule we cannot use the same copy as Amazon because of Google’s duplicate content policy. If we have exactly the same content as Amazon, Google will block our site from showing up in search results. That would mean far less traffic to our site, and authors would feel the hit with a decrease in sales and downloads. In order to avoid that issue, we must use separate book descriptions (which is why we ask authors to provide us with one).